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10/31/2017 6:47 PM

Ok so I am just getting into dirt jumpers, been bmx'n for a couple years now, but recently traded a bmx for a DJ and I love it so much I am transitioning over, but first got a few questions I hope you guys can help with:
1. My DJ is alright but it's also not hugely great, so when I go to build a new one should I look at a complete, or get a new frame, put my parts of my current on it and slowly get new parts?
2.i mainly ride street and park cause the dirt is far away and I don't drive, so what should I be doing to get use to the bike, I can do basic tricks, wondering if you guys know some different ways of learning that's different then the bmx way lol do DJ bikes fair on trails? Do I really need to get a dh or can I fair alright with a dj


11/6/2017 2:32 PM

What's your current bike? Post up a pic and maybe we can help you with some better suggestions.

As far as dirt jumpers on trails... bikes are fun no matter what. Some work better for different purposes, though, and unfortunately most dirt jumpers won't be ideal for trail riding. Today's trail/enduro bikes are pretty sick for lots of purposes. You may not need a full on downhill bike.


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11/6/2017 6:21 PM

My current whip


11/6/2017 6:22 PM