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2012 Formula Oval Brakes

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6/20/2011 6:00 PM

Remember the new Formula Oval disk brake prototypes that we spotted in the Leogang Pit Bits? Turns out they have this clever way of quickly disconnecting the hose.

The question is, do you think you'd ever use it?


6/20/2011 6:09 PM

Thats interesting. I can't remember the last time I took my brakes off though.

Might be useful on some frames where you have to remove the shock or linkage to pass the brake through.


6/21/2011 7:17 AM

Next time you are at the WC notice how many racers have their hoses on the outside of their frames for bleeds. This would make it a lot easier for guys to pull off their brakes and allow them some better hose protection.

On a SS or DJ bike the hose wouldn't wind up as much...not completely freespinning like a gyro but a lot cheaper and lighter.



12/25/2011 9:56 AM

It'll be good for frames and/or swing arms the have internal routing... defo handy for me.


12/25/2011 1:03 PM


apparently these have a ridiculous amount of stopping power, far more than "the ones"
peek here

two wheels, one love.

12/26/2011 6:08 AM

That's an interesting find... How could they produce 18% more power than "the ones" do they mean the new 2012 "ones" or the older 2010/2011?
The new 2012 "ones" have the same master and caliper design as the R0, could the R0 be 18% better with the same hardware?


12/26/2011 9:07 AM

The quick connect would also be great for running your front brake Potts Mod style through your steer tube. But the size of the connection hardware could be an issue. It would be great for swapping around brakes on my fleet of Bullits.


12/29/2011 7:48 AM

you have a bullit too? i absolutly love mine... just sold my brakes to get some new ones so im just looking to see whats gonna be best... struggling to make a final choice tho sad here she is anyway smile


12/29/2011 10:18 AM

I have three, two of which I made my own front ends for as I'm 6'7". The other one is a stock XL. Check 'em out here.


12/30/2011 9:28 AM

ive gotta be honest mate, your skills are shit hot :oD
anyone can build a bike up... but to make the frame from scratch... well im impressed!!!
i wont show you what mine looks like at the minute coz its in bits haha but these R0 brakes are looking favourite wink here's a retro one for you that might take you back a few years lol... my old Super 8


12/30/2011 10:50 AM

I just got my old Super 8 frame back from a friend. The swingarm was a bit bent when I gave it to him and it's way bent now. I loved that thing. It was the best technical climbing bike I've ever had. I've ridden up a 26 stair on it.


1/2/2012 8:49 AM

Rode up 26 stairs on a DH rig??? Blimey... How did you manage that geeze?! I'm fund of the gravity force on my Rigs... And you can be sure to see me push the uphill sections haha.


1/3/2012 9:38 AM
Edited Date/Time: 1/11/2012 10:33 AM

Speed and a big bunny hop to get things started and smooth pedaling over the top. Weren't we supposed to be talking about brakes? Oh ya. No braking till you're over the top! I just read in Cycle World that Brembo has this technology for their high end race brakes so that the mechanics can just swap out the whole caliper if it starts to rain.


1/16/2012 3:06 PM

Ah yes, back to the brakes haha... why would you want to swop the caliper if it rains - is that because it'd be quicker to swop than just changing the pads?

And before i shed out some good money on these - is there anything else i should know about these or otherwise be looking at?


1/18/2012 10:05 AM

Yes on the caliper swaps in Moto GP. In terms of details on the brakes, that's about all I know. My friend has a set of The Ones and they are amazingly powerful. These can only be better if that hose thing works.


1/18/2012 11:03 PM

I'll have to remember that trick when it rains on the motorway haha, extra set of calipers in the boot won't hurt anyone (",) well I am glad you've said what you did about your mates "The Ones" coz I ordered my R0's yesterday afternoon... I was told by a guy over the phone at Fort William that the XTR are the best he's ever used - but he did say he has never tried formula so I was still none the wiser on that one, plus he also said he's on a Orange 5, which I'm guessing he's doing more XC/AM rather than FR/DH which also swings in my favour.