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Lowering Argyle 409 Options

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4/15/2010 3:08 PM

Hey there, just thinking here, should I go ahead and just use some PVC or something as a spacer to lower my argyle 409's, or should I just pay for the spacer kit from Rockshox, I work at a bike shop so it shouldnt be super expensive.


4/17/2010 10:05 AM

suck it up and buy it then you wont have to worry about the sprinkler pipe in your fork ha



4/17/2010 7:44 PM

Why wouldn't you just get some actual spacers? They are probably cheaper than a length of PVC anyways. Just ask your boss if you can take some out of an owner's manual from a new build to get them for free.


4/18/2010 1:50 AM

Yeah, I did that today, he's ordering up a set for me, and Im just going to have the shop throw my fork together instead of buying all the oil and doing it myself, as I can have it done for under 20 bucks, and it saves me the hassle in the long run. Just have to completely strip the lowers and do my auto-spraybomb work to make it orange.