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Barbara Bush or Beatrice Arthur's corpse?

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8/18/2009 2:30 PM

Man, these Forums are dry....

You're the last man (or woman) on earth and the only two women left are Barbara Bush and Beatrice Arthur's corpse. Both don't like each other and once you choose one, the other is going to get really jealous, upset and will march to the other side of the world to be away from you two. So which one do you shack up with and spend the rest of enternity with trying to repopulate the earth?

Note: Barbara Bush is severely menopausal, yet extremely horney as she hasn't gotten any since Reagan's first term.


Just to make things interesting, you find out Richard Hatch was finally let out of prison and survived one last time (pun intended). Now what do you do?



Suck All You Want. I'll Make More.

8/27/2009 11:46 AM

Sucks for mankind, I will be off riding my bike and building all sorts of now legal trails, cause I am king of the world, woohoo!


8/27/2009 10:46 PM

id take barbra because a corpse cant run away. its a sort of 2 for 1 deal