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12/23/2015 5:49 PM

I've gotten a couple of replies through e-mail about things I've said on the site. With a couple, including the current issue with dirtbeard, I'll get a reply to some comment that I've made and when I click to see the comment on the site it's not there and when I write a lengthy agreement or apology, it never goes through. The grey bars just race along all day. Computers. Hate 'em. Have to use 'em. My computer's been messed up ever since loading the new OS, but this has happened with the old too.


12/24/2015 7:57 AM

Sorry about the problems you're having. I'll have our developers look into it next week. Happy Holidays!


12/28/2015 12:57 PM

To clarify, you're saying that you're seeing two separate issues, one where replies to your comments are not visible on the page once you go there from your email, and the other where comments are not submitting for you when you post them? In both cases, please provide a sample page where you are seeing this, along with your computer specs (OS and browser versions) and any other relevant info you can think of. Thanks.


12/30/2015 4:58 PM
Edited Date/Time: 12/31/2015 8:19 AM

I can't remember the exact forum that this all happened with. I guess I'll have to take notes next time I have an issue an come crying to you guys. I have a MacBook Pro with the very latest OS and as of today a new solid state? hard drive. Apparently I've been less than gentle with the old one. Perhaps that was the problem. I mentioned dirtbeard In my original complaint. I'll look back in my mail list and try to send you a link. Perhaps the problem is already solved and the posts are up now.

Video player working now... Enjoying Shreddies...

This is the original post that gave me trouble, and his comment is still not there.,30525/iceman2058,94?utm_source=notification&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=CommentAdded Weird, the green highlight thingy didn't work.

I looked at dirtbeard's profile and the forum post that he wrote and I didn't get isn't there in his archive either.