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Welcome mountain bikers, we're excited to have Ben Plenge on The Inside Line today. He’s a rider, racer, but he’s also the founder and coach at The Strength Factory in the UK. We discuss how Ben found mountain biking, how he became a fitness coach dedicated to MTB, as well as specific philosophies and training techniques to become a stronger, fitter rider.

Episode Topics

0:00 - Intro
2:34 - Getting into MTB and Joining the Army
9:21 - Becoming a Fitness Coach and Founding the Strength Factory
15:36 - Fitness for MTBers over 40 years old
21:32 - Mental Health, Training and Empathy
27:01 - Do You Need Weights or Tech Gadgets to Train Well?
34:13 - Importance of Posture for MTB
39:33 - Different Body Types and Training Based on Forward Riding Foot
44:37 - Nasal Breathing for MTB
50:26 - Being Successful with a Fitness Plan - Realistic Time Management
59:28 - Benefits of Low-Intensity Aerobic Training
1:10:48 - Does an E-Bike Make You Weak?
1:14:36 - Racers Ben Admires
1:16:56 - MTB Strength Programs

Instagram: @strengthfactory_coach
YouTube: @thestrengthfactory.

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