The Bikes of Battle - Red Bull Rampage Freeride Machines

These mountain bikes are about to get sent off of 50-foot cliffs. See how they're stacked.

Red Bull Rampage, the premier freeride mountain bike contest takes place in the red-cliffed desert of Southern Utah today. 21 invited riders from all over the globe have been creating brand new, freshly cut lines that navigate the steep, rugged terrain. These hand-built trails of lunacy feature drops that can measure over 70 feet! The competitors and the diggers are the magicians, but the mountain bikes that can withstand the abuse of this kind of riding are the unsung heroes. Marvel at the modern, human-powered machines and get ready see what some carbon, aluminum, plastic and rubber, when efficiently designed and assembled, can do.

photographs by @maddogboris unless otherwise noted

Brandon Semenuk's Trek Session

Thomas Genon's Canyon Sender

Graham Agassiz's Kona Operator

Kyle Strait's Commencal Furious

Jordie Lunn's YT TUES

Tyler McCaul's GT Fury

Remy Metailler's Cube Stereo

Brett Rheeder's Trek Session

Ethan Nell's YT TUES

Andreu Lacondeguy's YT TUES

Adolf Silva's YT TUES

Cam Zink's YT TUES

Zink announced today that he will not be competing due a shoulder that keeps popping out of socket. He popped it out last night after trying to land a cash roll and called it quits for the weekend. Gutted.



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