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PhotoTipping the scales at just under 4lbs, the Fox 32 TALAS 150 FIT RLC fork is a diverse, stiff trail bike weapon. With what may be one of the longest product names in mountain biking, the 32 TALAS is designed to be a jack-of-all-trades for riders who want maximum adjustability, efficiency when climbing but long travel for descents. Despite such an overwhelming job description, the 32 TALAS manages to do every job well and has been a great companion on the trail for the last 5 months.

The fork comes with a shock pump and has a travel indicator on the left leg, so setting sag with the air spring is easy. Having an extra person to hold you on the bike while you set up your sag is ideal, but if you're aware of your movements, setting sag solo is not a problem. If you're not a suspension guru, any questions you might have about fork set up are easily answered on Fox's Tech Center web page.

TALAS Travel Adjust
TALAS is the term for the Fox travel adjust system. On the 32 150, the fork can be set at 110, 130 or 150mm with the external lever on top of the left leg. The lever is ample and the adjustments are obvious as the fork drops down or pops up instantly with the choice you make. Dropping the fork to 110mm and locking it out on steeper, smooth climbs is a nice adjustment to have. While the lever is meant to be used on-the-fly while riding, it may take some practice to make adjustments while on narrow singletrack or technical trails. I noticed I'd weave a bit while looking down to get the travel adjust, but after riding the fork a few times, it became second nature to make the reach.
     Having three travel options seems a little over-the-top. I would use 110 for steeper, prolonged climbs or 150 for the rest of the ride, never using the 130 setting. On 2011 forks, Fox is only offering two travel settings on TALAS models, which seems like a logical step forward.

The lockout is self-explanatory and works in all three travel settings. The lock-out force adjuster is a nice feature that allows you to set the force of impact that will over-ride the lockout. Not every trail is butter-smooth, so setting the lockout knowing the fork can still use travel on the occasional sharp hit is comforting. Again, however, flipping the switch while riding may take some practice and concentration.

Adjustments and Damping
Externally, there is low-speed compression adjustment and rebound adjustment. Low-speed compression adjustments cover every acceptable range and are noticeable with turns of the dial. LSC is what trail riders need to adjust the fork for their particular desires for climbing and braking and the 32 TALAS has options for a platform-like feel all the way to a completely supple ride. Rebound is handled via the industry-standard red knob on the bottom of the right leg and works as it should.
     The FIT damper is the staple of the Fox line-up and controls the mid- to high-speed compression internally. I used less LSC, as I prefer a plusher ride and don't worry about efficiency during climbing, especially with the lockout option at my fingertips. The fork felt well-damped and kept the front wheel tracking well on bumpy descents. On steeper descents with hard braking the fork would sit into the travel a bit, but that was partially due to my LSC choice.

Does anyone really use normal quick-releases anymore? With QR15 axle system, I noticed very little flex in the fork and never had a hang up taking my wheel on and off. During steeper descents with hard braking, I could tell that I was not on a burly Fox 36, but for a light-weight, long-travel trail fork, the stiffness was outstanding and that has to be a enhanced by the 15mm thru-axle design.

The Future
Fox has already unveiled the features on their 2011 forks and it's exciting to note the variety in 32 TALAS model. There will be a new version of the FIT Terralogic that will have 15 positions of adjustment for dialing in your ride quality. There will also be two travel options on FIT RLC forks, 140 or 150mm. As mentioned, 2011 product will have a two position TALAS system that adjust from 110-140mm  or 120 and 150mm depending on the fork model. The blingy gold Kashima-coated stanchions are an aftermarket fork option, too.

Fox Racing Shox Tech Center and Tuning Tips

For more information on Fox Racing Shox, visit

Weight (15QR-includes axle)
- 3.96 lbs / 1.80 kg (1 1/8" steerer)
- 3.94 lbs / 1.79 kg (1.5" taper steerer)

- 5.9 inches (150mm)TALAS travel adjust 150-130-110

- Low speed compression
- Lockout force adjust
- Lever actuated lockout
- TALAS travel adjust
- Air spring pressure
- Rebound

-New FIT

Disc Tabs
-Post style

- 15QR thru-axle system

- Standard: 1 1/8"
- Optionial 1.5 or Tapered

Spring Type
- Air

- Titanium

Intended Use


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2011 Fox 32 TALAS

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