TECH TALK: Eliot Jackson On How Data Acquisition Has Impacted His Racing 1

American DH pinner and Giant Factory Off-Road racer, Eliot Jackson, explains how data acquisition has impacted his riding and race prep for the 2017 World Cup DH season.

Giant Factory Off-Road Racing allowed Vital to sit in on data-gathering testing session in between World Cup races. Chief mechanic, Dave Garland and Jacob Dickson mounted up a one-of-a-kind telemetry system to analyze both bike and rider performance. Everything from ride height, bike lean angle, brake usage, and all things related to suspension performance are measured and what a rider thinks is reality may not always be the case after the data is analyzed. You've learned about the tech and theory from Dave Garland in our first feature, now the riders discuss the impact this technology has on their racing. Time is of the essence at a World Cup, and not just on-track but when it comes to proper bike set up.

-By Zach Faulkner

Eliot Jackson discusses how data acquisition impacts his riding and race preparation


The test bike with data acquisition equipment for Jacob Dickson.

Jacob Dickson after a few runs with the data

Jacob Dickson's Giant Glory Advanced prior to the first race of the season.

Eliot Jackson's Giant Glory Advanced prior to the race season.

Eliot Jackson has been most enlightened by the reality of his on-track braking points when using the data acquisition.
Where he thought he was no-braking, he was actually using them.

Dave Garland duplicate's Jacob Dickson's race bike settings on the test bike.

POV video footage is sync'd up with real-time data captured by the telemetry system. Seeing the data alongside on-track video is eye-opening.

Part 1 with Dave Garland, Giant Factory Off-Road Mechanic


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