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Super sick sunny sliding in the shale! Race day goods from the Windham Pro GRT comin' in hot.

Summer in the Catskills is a beautiful time.  It's warm, scenic, and lush.  However, the Pro GRT weekend in Windham, New York, was a dice roll on weather, with everyone checking the forecast like a nervous tick.  No one wanted rain and through a collective initiative of positive thinking, the rain held off during the day light hours.  The skies opened up each night, providing a thorough soaking of the track, but that just kept it from deteriorating.  As expected, it was ludicrously fast for Finals and riders were re-adjusting their speedometers in an effort to up their ante and find that extra gear for finals.  Race times were tight and all eyes were on the clock as each rider crossed the finish line.  Another exciting weekend of USDH racing in the books. -photos and interviews by Zach Faulkner

The Cat 2/3's were getting their send on in between Pro practice on Saturday.

2017 Pro GRT Pro Women's overall winner, Angelina Palermo, railing one of the few bermed corners into 3rd place on the day.

Angeline Palermo in audio

She was the only woman to send the Road Gap, she styled the final jump, and she got 2nd in Pro Women. Ella Skalwold inspires!

Ella Skalwold in audio

"I want to deathgrip the last section". Frida Helena Ronning has been on fire this summer. 1st in Pro Women.

Friday Ronning in audio

Pro Women Podium [LtR]: Amy Leishear; Ella Skalwold; Frida Helena Ronning; Angelina Palermo; Rachele Kelleher.

You can't miss Matt Driscoll on track, he has all the style of a kid growing up near Highland MTBP and noticable speed. 7th in Jr. Men.
Trent Del Grippo got after it this weekend, going 6th in Jr. Men.
Scrubbing harder than most, David Kahn eeked out the most from his run for 5th in Jr. Men.

Tucking down the whole last straight, Steve Walton kept it aero for 4th in Jr. Men.

Steve Walton in audio

Knees out and the side and hair flow out the back - Zach Gareis knows the score. 3rd in Jr. Men.

Zach Gareis in audio

This was the track for Damon Sedivy. Big and fast, he enjoyed everyone minute of the weekend. 2nd in Jr. Men.

Damon Sedivy in audio

He is an unknown here, but Camilo Sañchez Salazar has been turning heads in South America recently. He made the trip up to see what the American race scene is like, and it turns out he is a fan. 1st in Jr. Men.

Camilo Salazar in audio

Junior Men Podium [LtR] Steve Walton; Damon Sedivy; Camilo Sanchez Salazar; Zach Gareis; David Kahn.

Squeezing out all he could from the rolling flats, George Ryan kept the momentum for 15th in Pro Men.
Anthony Evans made a strong return to racing this weekend with a 14th in Pro Men.
James Frost was over from Canada for the event and took to the track right away. 13th in Pro Men.

Anthony Evans in audio

Fast and low over the Road Gap, Josh Rogers lept into 12th in Pro Men.
This might not be a 150ft sand dune or a 450 dirtbike, but Austin Hackett-Klaube gets after it on any two-wheeled machine. 11th in Pro Men.

Austin Hackett-Klaube in audio

Keeping the Summer Vibes alive and well, Walker Shaw was reveling in the remaining days of freedom before jumping back into his studies. 9th in Pro men.

Walker Shaw in audio

Kyle Grau has a hard-to-miss style on a bike. Low on the bars and flying, he tucked into 8th in Pro Men.

Kyle Grau in audio

Powering out of the woods, Mauricio Estrada stormed down the hill for 7th in Pro Men.

Mauricio Estrada in audio

Seth Hanson is a quiet dude who lets his riding do the talking.  He has had a breakout season and is a name you should remember.  6th in Pro Men.
Charging into the Rock Garden, Shane Leslie was hunting hard.  It was a tight race, going 4th in Pro Men.

Shane Leslie in audio

Kiran MacKinnon firing down the whoops like a runaway freight train. 4th in Pro Men.

Kiran MacKinnon in audio

Logan Binggeli was determined to put down a strong result this weekend and made it happen. 3rd in Pro Men.

This is what it takes to get to the top. Bruce Klein with a rididculous line into Peaty's Plunge. Second man out of the gate after a flat in Seeding, he kept it tight for 2nd after sitting in the hot seat the entire race. It was an exciting Finals!

Bruce Klein in audio

This is what max effort looks like: inside line, deathgrip, head down. Rafa Gutierrez had a slow leak for the lower half of the track, but never quit and emptied the tank to the line.

Rafael Gutierrez in audio

Pro Men Podium [LtR]: Kiran MacKinnon; Bruce Klein; Rafa Gutierrez; Logan Binggeli; Shane Leslie.

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