Sending the Slime - Windrock Pro GRT Seeding Day Action 1

Night-time rain turned pristine course conditions into a gamble for traction.

​You know that emoji used to expressed anxiousness and nervousness where the teeth are showing across a wide-eyed expression? That's how most riders looked as they rolled up to Friday's Pro GRT practice.

Riding with a pace unmatched, Neko Mulally secured 1st place in seeding by a massive four-second margin.

- Photos, interviews and story by Zach Faulkner

Throughout the night on Thursday, the thunder was big and the lightning was bright, but we woke up to a cool breeze and rolling clouds. The night's rain had soaked the track and made it a slick affair for the first few runs of the day. Riders were challenged, and many of the crux moves on track were harder, ten-fold. Conditions made for some exciting spectating, and some seriously wild riding.

​By the time seeding rolled around, things had dried up considerably, but the ruts were deeper, roots were exposed, and rocks were grimy. There were plenty of sketchy moments if the tales from the pits were any indication, so everyone was happy to be done by 3pm, free to relax. A long evening meant we got to socialize, consume tacos and go back up for a thorough track walk. Race day is going to be exceptionally rad, so stay tuned!

Flowing the rough like it wasn't even there, Frida Ronning has been riding on a higher level this weekend. The injured hand didn't slow her down in the least, seeding in 1st by five seconds.

Audio - Frida Ronning, 1st place, Women's Seeding

Hucking the triple into 1st in seeding for Juniors, Nik Nestoroff set the tempo for finals.

Audio - Nik Nestoroff, 1st place, Jr. Men's Seeding

It appears the track-side snacks Greg WIlliamson had with him on his bike yesterday worked out, as he managed 2nd in seeding today.

Audio - Greg Williamson, 2nd place, Men's Seeding

Looking consistent all weekend, Bruce Klein kept it steady for 14th in seeding.

Yes, they are tear-offs, but you're only supposed to do it one at a time. This ruined someone's day for sure.


Steve Walton kept things smooth and steady for 2nd in Junior seeding.

Despite some bobbles up top, smart line choices and strong pace put Kiran MacKinnon into 3rd in seeding.

Audio - Kiran MacKinnon, 3rd place, Men's Seeding

Carline Washam had a rowdy morning, scoring a wicked shiner along the way. She rallied and for 3rd in seeding.

Audio - Caroline Washam, 3rd place, Women's Seeding (with a fresh black eye!)

Nate St. Claire

George MuthaTruckin' Ryan!

4th in seeding for the Marian rider, Angelina Polermo said she was pleased with her run, but knows there is room for improvement.

Audio - Angelina Polermo, 4th place, Women's Seeding

For a guy who has barely been on a mountain bike, Tommy Zula is getting after it! 30th in seeding, peep the audio!

Audio - Tommy Zula, BMX Olympian-turned DH racer

Cody Johnson provided further monopod extension as we headed up the hill for another lap.

Flat Pedals Win Medals. Foot Out, Flat Out. San Diego ripper, Cody Johnson, getting after it in conditions he's not too familiar with.

Audio - Cody Johnson, 15th place, Men's Seeding

A crash in Seeding wasn't what Luca Cometti was looking for, but he's feeling good for finals.

Audio - Luca Cometti, 12th place, Men's Seeding

Windrock Pro GRT Seeding Results

Pro Men
1. Neko Mulally
2. Greg Williamson
3. Kiran Mackinnon
4. Kyle Grau
5. Joshua Rodgers
6. Jason Schroeder
7. Shane Leslie
8. Tanner Stephens
9. Maurico Estrada
10. Walker Shaw

Pro Women:
1. Frida Roenning
2. Vera Leivsdottir
3. Caroline Washam
4. Angelina Palermo
5. Rae Gandolf
6. Riley Weidman
7. CJ Selig
8. Rachel Kelleher
9. Samantha Kingshill
10. Amber Price

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