Privateer Perspective: Dylan Conte 1

A do-it-all shredder with plenty of heart, Dylan Conte holds it down.

Privateer DHer, Dylan Conte, hails from Vermont and has been on the scene longer than most. Dylan started out as the ultimate grom, shredding dirt jump lines and hucking himself through the Green Mountain State. Like most, he discovered big bikes and was soon rocketing through the Junior ranks and ultimately into the Elites.

Dylan's had some highs and lows, but through it all he continues to shine his signature smile and unending enthusiasm for going fast and sending it. No longer a grom, Dylan is the captain of a land yacht van that he lives out of for a large percentage of the year, traveling from event to event, while pulling in remote freelance work to keep gas in the tank and the dream alive. Listen in as we talk with Deez about how he approaches racing, riding, and navigating the scene.

Dylan Conte's Instagram handle: @dconte123

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