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How much does your trail bike weigh right now?
Mid to high 28lbs depending on tire choice.

In your exceptional MTB career, have you ever gone "Rocky" style and pounded raw eggs from a glass for your morning routine?
No raw eggs in MTBs, but I did it when I was young and dumb racing BMX. I still laugh when i think about it.

During the 1998 World Cup season, who was the most exciting rider to watch?
Exciting as far as crazy? Either Johan Engstrom or Ivan Olego because every time they left the start house you knew the fuse was lit and it was just a race against time to get to the bottom before they exploded. Skill-wise for me was Nico, his line choice during his runs and ability to deliver under pressure was nuts.

If you could have one do-over in life, what would it be?
In life I would say I would have married my wife sooner and started our family sooner. Racing, it would be to have the 2002 4X World Championships race to do over. I moved over on Lopes on the first straight and thought I had shut him down. At the last second he got inside of me in turn one and was able to block me good enough for Cedric to pass me as well. I could never get past Cedric to get a shot at passing BL.

What would be more difficult? Being the Twitter manager for Brian Lopes or competing in the 2012 World Cup DH series on blue Panaracer Fire XC tires?
If I have to be perfectly honest I would say riding the Panaracers. But I see where you're going with it and BL does put it out there, on the Twitter. BL has always been outspoken and he is fine with it. He could give two S*@!t's about what others think.

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