Fast Five with Adam Hauck

Not-quite-Jersey-Shore native, Adam Hauck adds some street riding flavor to the Fast Five.

Chase thinks he'd beat you in an MMA cage match, so does Smutok. What do you think?

If Chase and I were in a cage match I would murder him. He's never been in a real fight ever and he has little girl arms. I'm a lot stronger than him.

You're really good at cab 540s. Have you done a cab 540 today?
Haven't done a 540 cab today, but the day is not over. I'm going on a Native Eyewear shoot so it's very possible one might be going down soon.

Describe your current bike set up, head-to-toe.
I have a Black Market Mob with Black Market stem, bars and my signature grips. Deity bar ends, pedals, cranks, sprocket, seat and seat post. Sun rims with profile elite hubs. X-Fusion 15mm Velvet fork and Tioga Power Block tires with Hayes Gram brakes. KMC chain and I cut a piece of an old tire to put between my sprocket and bb to slow down the cranks.
If you could have one do-over in life, what would it be?
If I could do a do over it would be the day I broke my scaphoid on a 540 hurricane at my shitty local park. Someone waxed the shit out of the coping and it cost me 8 months of hell.

I remember going to Pastrana's foam pit back in 05 or 06 and you
couldn't even THINK of trying a backflip. Chase and Dechamp even tried to
make you flip off the edge into the foam and you wouldn't do it. Is it
true that you FINALLY learned to flip? Let's hear the story man!

The flip was a weak spot in my armor for a long time. I would eventually try and almost 360 flip from just yanking and being scared. One day I was at Highland Mountain and I tried a couple out of the blue. They were right there, so I kept trying and banged it out on resi with the help of Clint McMahon. It's funny, but I can't do it without it being corked. I'm so pumped I finally have flips now but it wasn't as epic doing one as I thought. I was more mad at myself because they're so easy now. I've moved on to fronts now and that's going awesome.

Here's that day at Pastrana's - at around 1:30, you'll see Hauck's backflip troubles. No trouble w/ anything else though!
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