Every time a new Danny MacAskill edit drops, we're like children at Christmas. Imagine how stoked we were to find out that he would actually be taking his new Drop and Roll tour to Eurobike, and that as luck would have it, we would get to see him ride in person. The Drop and Roll tour is the realization of something Danny has wanted to do for a long time, and that is share his passion for riding with more people. And after seeing the show he put on here in Friedrichshafen, there's no doubt that he is pretty happy with how it turned out.

Bunnyhop tailwhips are just part of Danny's warmup routine.

Step up 180 to get to higher ground. What the picture can't show you is how short the run-in was...

Duncan Shaw is one of three other riders on the Drop and Roll tour, and Danny didn't hesitate to put the future of the street trials genepool at his mercy. We're happy to report than Duncan nailed it. The landing, that is.

Effortless sidehops... Danny makes every move look smooth, which sometimes makes you forget just how difficult riding at this level is.

Danny rose to the challenge thrown down by his fellow tour riders, and won the bunny hop contest with this impressive 1m15 effort. #bawbags

You'd be forgiven for thinking that the famous red ball from Danny's movie "Imaginate" was a one-off gimmick of some kind, but not so - Danny has the ball flip variations on lockdown!

Austrian talent, 19-year old Fabio Wibmer is also part of the Drop and Roll tour. Danny takes a moment to watch the show as Fabio pulls an easy 360 footjam tailwhip drop off the Muc-Off box, one of Danny's own signature moves. The next generation is doing work!

We all love riding with our buddies, but a miniramp-backflip-to-flat train is next level $h1t!

Danny whipped the crowd into a frenzy by giving away rad stuff from his sponsors to the craziest fans in the audience. When the show reached its end and the time came to hand out a GoPro, things got rowdy!

To find out if you can catch Danny and the Drop and Roll tour near you, head on over to www.dropandrolltour.com - don't miss out if you get the chance!

Words and photos by Johan Hjord.

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  • Big Bird

    9/1/2014 6:47 PM

    Miniramp backflips have never figured in to any demo's that I've ever done.

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