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Idaho's newest lift-served mountain bike park outside of Boise is loaded with laps for beginners through pros.

Located just a half-hour outside of Boise, Idaho, The Basin Gravity Park provides easy access to lift-served mountain bike trails for beginners through pros with their Morning Star Express high-speed quad chairlift that has easy-to-load bike racks. The park features jumpy, twisty flow trails like Berm Baby Berm or Space Nugget and natural, rocky downhill trails like G19 and Loam Star. If you’ve never tried lift-served mountain biking or want to try a full-suspension mountain bike, The Basin Gravity Park offers a variety of Trek and Rossignol rental bikes to sample.


0:51 - Awesum Opossum to Berm Baby Berm - Intermediate Flow Trails

We’ll start with the popular intermediate blue lap of Awesum Possum to Berm Baby Berm. This top-to-bottom run with rollers, jumps and high-speed sections is a must-ride at the park and will have you hooting and hollering the whole way down.

4:21 - G19 - Expert Technical Trail

Now let’s amp it up to Expert-only downhill status with the infamous G19 trail. This natural trail filled with rock rolls, drops and boulder fields will keep any seasoned rider on their toes.

6:06 - Student Rider and Marshmellow - Beginner Flow Trails

For those new to mountain biking, Student Rider is a great way to sample The Basin Gravity Park from top to bottom. Accessed from Learner’s Permit, this wide, fun flow trail will let new riders experience the joys of berms and rollers as they learn how to get up to speed with the trail’s inviting pitch. Marshmellow is a fun option to end the run with an introduction to jumps and rollers.

12:30 - Rabid Badger - Expert Flow Trail

Expert riders looking for maximum air time will love Rabid Badger. This big, blasty flow trail features step downs, step-ups and huge tabletop jumps that rival any other world-class bike parks. Keep an eye out for multiple options and those easter-egg hits and transfers, too.

14:28 - Space Nugget to Air Traffic Control - Intermediate Flow Trail

Space Nugget to Air Traffic control is a blue intermediate rollercoaster trail filled with 180-degree bowl turns, jumps that are perfect for progression and plenty of speed. Your face may get tired by the bottom because you’ll be grinning ear-to-ear the whole way down.

17:47 - Loam Star - Intermediate Technical Trail

Brand new for 2021 is Loam Star, a blue intermediate natural trail that slices across the mountain and down the fall line for that true, natural, enduro experience.

20:04 - Fox Trot - Intermediate Flow Trail

Last and certainly not least, is Fox Trot. This blue intermediate flow trail is stacked with ups, downs, lefts, rights and lots of hits to help you perfect your jumping and riding technique. It meets up with Air Traffic Control halfway down the mountain to keep the flow going all the way to the base.

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