A Year in 12 Pictures - Commencal

Here at COMMENCAL itʼs been a mint year so hereʼs our favourite selection of 12 photos for 2018!

The best way in which to promote the sport and our athletes is with visual content. Every year we try to be the best, whether itʼs with our riders in front of the camera, or the guys behind the lenses who push the buttons.

We are proud of our media team who work hard all year around the world:


Of course, behind every picture there's a story...


Always a nice place to ride in January!

Californian winters feel like paradise; 20-25°C, dry and dusty trails. Ideal conditions for photo shoots. This shot of Kyle Strait on the META POWER should never really have been taken. After 3 shots on his FURIOUS, he hit a big rock and broke the rear wheel... impossible to repair the tubeless tyre and no inner tube to aid. Fortunately we had his POWER with us, just in case. More than a good shot, it's also quite a symbol; Kyle Strait, on an ebike, on a Californian trail...nothing better to feed the comments sections...

Rider: @kylestrait


Photo: @nicolasbrizin


Skids of all kinds.

February is often a complicated month for the media team. We had to produce content around the META HT AM. The choice of the spot is essential, especially to avoid difficult weather conditions. By choosing the Côte d'Azur with the young Thibaut Daprela, we thought we'd limited the chances of failure...it had been 10 years since it had snowed in Cannes…no luck. Another funny point is that Thibaut (being a minor) cruises the streets in a Renault Twizy - an electric car that doesn't require a license to be driven in France, but it can certainly drift!

Rider: @thibautdaprela

Bike: META HT AM Race

Photo: @jbliautard


Itʼs not yet freeride season, the dirt is wet but it's time to shake and make plans. William Robert in Mours gives a very ‘skate' vision of the bike. A way to say to everyone, "I took the spot!" Several days of shaping loose dirt and 2 days of shooting.

Rider: @william_rbt

Bike: FURIOUS Race

Photo: @jbliautard


Competition season is thoroughly underway. Things get off to a strong start in Losinj, Croatia. On an atypical track finishing in the alleyways of the port, Amaury already shows good speed, despite a puncture in the final. The whole team is already at the bottom to welcome the victories of Thibaut Daprela and Myriam Nicole.

Rider: @amaurypierron4

Bike: SUPREME DH 29 Team

Photo: @nicolasbrizin


Without fail for Cécile Ravanel in 2018.

Olargues in France is the first race for the META AM 29. In difficult conditions with snow, rain, wind and cold temps, Cécile dominated the race. But what strikes a cord the most is her spirit. This photo was taken on the return pedal from stage 3 to the paddock, in the rain. Cécile helps Katy Winton cover the 10km on time with a flat back tyre.

Rider: @ravanel_mtb

Bike: META AM 29 Team

Photo: @nicolasbrizin


An exceptional month for Amaury!

A series of 3 consecutive wins means he takes the leader's jersey...this photo of Amaury on the Leogang podium is clearly the symbol of this unforgettable season.

Rider: @amaurypierron4

Photo: @kenoderleyn


Vallnord, the capital of MTB in July.

With the World Cup leader's jersey on his shoulders, Amaury gives everything, but Loris wins! Still we got to hear the Marseillaise on this 14th of July in Andorra.

Rider: @amaurypierron4

Bike: SUPREME DH 29 Team

Photo: @nicolasbrizin


Remi likes mud. First podium of the season.

A race in France is already brilliant. A race in Les Vosges, for a guy from Les Vosges, is the Holy Grail. Rémi is back, at home, in front of his family and this podium is fabulous!

Rider: @remithirion

Bike: SUPREME DH 29 Team

Photo: @nicolasbrizin


The time to ride with friends.

Pyr'Epic is an incredible event. Much more than a race, much better than an adventure, it is the sharing of the ride with friends. Lourdes MTB has developed a fabulous concept amidst grand landscapes. Riding with Anne-Caroline Chausson was also a highlight. Anne-Caro is a great champion, failure is not in her mindset, in life as well as behind the handlebars. It is this strength of character that makes her extraordinary.

Rider: @annecarochausson @maxcommencal @leagiraudm @tom_thered

Photo: @nicolasbrizin


October + Kyle Strait = Rampage madness!

Every year at Rampage the limits are pushed, but never have the riders managed their runs as much as they had the opportunity to do so this year...if you believe that they are only stunts and that luck has a part to play in this event then you donʼt know the sport. Kyle Strait is a monster of regularity and technicality and to see that in Utah is the very definition of the word freeride.

Rider: @kylestrait

Bike: FURIOUS Race

Photo: @jbliautard


A time for the artists.

November…no more races or events, it's the perfect time to produce offbeat content and work on projects for the next season.

Rider: @jeremyberthier


Photo: @jbliautard


Just get down.


We live in the mountains, itʼs winter and we like to go downhill. Therefore, this is a natural collaboration.

Rider: @guimcampeny

Bike: SUPREME Skis

Photo: @nicolasbrizin

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