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TLD's latest women's mountain bike apparel is some of their best yet. Let's take a closer look at Lilium and Luxe.

Troy Lee Designs overhauled its women’s lineup with all-new styles for 2020. During the design process, the storied brand drew knowledge and expertise both from their Women’s Line Designer, Carolyn Campos, as well as feedback from several female ambassadors and athletes. The final result: the Lilium collection, Mischief collection, and the Luxe short.

The Lilium collection is focused on sleek and innovative fabric and fit. It includes a short with or without a liner and both short- and long-sleeve jerseys in solid or floral jacquard styles.

TLD Lilium Jersey Highlights

  • Available in long- and short-sleeve versions
  • 4-way stretch knit fabric
  • Floral jacquard styles offer added ventilation given the fabric’s construction
  • UPF 20+ (solid areas)
  • Wicking and quick dry finishes
  • Drop-tail hem
  • Bluesign approved fabric
  • MSRP: $60 for solid short-sleeve / $75 for jacquard floral short-sleeve
  • MSRP: $70 for solid long-sleeve / $85 for jacquard floral long- sleeve

TLD Lilium Short Highlights

  • 4-way stretch woven fabric
  • UPF 30+
  • Phone specific pocket at the back of the leg
  • 2 small, mesh-lined thigh pockets for small items
  • Hook and loop waist adjusters
  • Silicone print on inside waistband
  • Reflective heat-transfer Troy Lee Designs graphics
  • Laser perforated venting along entire inseam
  • Zipper fly with snap closure
  • TLD logo locking YKK zipper pulls on pockets
  • Bluesign approved fabric
  • MSRP: $99 without a liner / $129 with a liner
If clothes could talk, these would say, “Hey, I’m just here to ride bikes.”

The Luxe short is TLD’s response for the women saying they'd like their clothing to feel as good as their yoga pants do. Using the 4-way stretch fabric now widely available for technical apparel, the waistband of the short is built like a yoga pant. No button and zip closure needed.

TLD Luxe Short Highlights

  • 4-way stretch woven body fabric
  • 4-way stretch knit waistband and side panels
  • UPF 30+
  • Laser perforated venting along entire inseam
  • Stretch drawstring waist-adjust system
  • Phone specific pocket at the back of the leg 
  • A small pocket in waistband
  • Silicone print on inside waistband
  • Reflective heat-transfer Troy Lee Designs graphics
  • Bluesign approved fabric
  • MSRP: $119 without a liner (only option)

Initial Impressions

For the past few weeks, I've been hitting the trails with a couple of the new items from the Lilium collection and Luxe short.

The Lilium short has a great fit and cut. The tapered leg makes for a flattering, tailored feel and look. Following the TLD sizing chart, I was on the bubble between a small and medium depending on the measurement. Going with a size medium based on the waist, I am happy with the fit, can use the waist adjusters if needed further into the riding season, and would consider them to size. The fabric is very comfortable with a good stretch and lightweight feel. The laser venting that follows the entire inseam is generous and I expect to be very grateful for it as the days get hotter. The three pockets are all built into the short thoughtfully.

Made with mesh to avoid added bulk, the two thigh pockets are big enough for smaller items like some cash, keys, or snacks. The pocket at the back of the leg specifically for phones is well placed for riding. My phone doesn’t bounce around and or interfere with pedaling. When squatting or kneeling, the phone gets in the way, however. The measured 12” (30.5cm) inseam is a good length and doesn’t make for a significant amount of exposed knee pad. Overall, everything about the Lilium short is awesome and they’ve become my go-to.

I like the easy wearability and pair-ability of the solid colors and subdued floral stylings of the Lilium jerseys. They are a comfortable, relaxed fit without being boxy and have plenty of length for covering the assets while in the riding position. The fabric is soft and smooth feeling against the skin.

I’ve only had spring-time and early summer temperatures yet in Colorado, but the solid color jersey might be a bit warm in summer. Compared to other jerseys of ours, the solid jersey’s fabric is not the lightest weight. It’s also not the heaviest. Call it midweight with middle-of-the-road breathability which has been good for spring and evening rides. The floral-patterned jacquard version has added ventilation given the construction of the fabric, which could be an advantage. 

The thickness of the solid Lilium jersey contributes to added durability though. In an event where I botched a left-hand turn into a steepish downhill, sliding several feet down the trail on my side, the jersey only has some mild abrasion and microtears to show for it. After continued use and washing, none of those have grown. I'd consider that a pretty decent turnout.

The Luxe short is indeed comfortable with its yoga-style waistband and stretchier-than-average fabric. They have a straighter-cut leg than the Lilium which makes for a more casual feel. With sizing, again, I was between small and medium depending on the measurement. I went with the medium and I'm happy with the fit and would consider them true to size. The Luxe short’s waistband isn’t quite as stretchy as your yoga pants might be, but that helps them stay up. The stretch drawstring adjustment is a thoughtful addition that more yoga pants should include. 

With an identical design as the Lilium short, the phone pocket is again well placed for riding. The inseam of the Luxe short is 12” (30.5 cm), just like the Lilium, but the stretchier fabric can cause the legs to ride up at the upper thigh a bit. Not uncomfortable or problematic, it just results in more exposed knee pad, and, if you're self-conscious of it, the repeated action of pulling them back down. This riding-up effect may also be exclusive to those with curvy thighs.

The fabric where said thighs rub has pilled with just a handful of rides, which isn't super encouraging for looking fresh in the long term. I can note, though, that I was wearing the Luxe short during that spill I mentioned. While the upper sleeve of my kneepad was shredded, the shorts show no evidence of failure.

"Even with our former lineup, the women’s line share of the business was larger than the industry norm. This is only going to get better. I want to build a bigger team of women designers, developers, marketers, salespeople to own this part of the Troy Lee Designs business… We have only really just begun." – Craig ‘Stikman’ Glaspell 

What's The Bottom Line?

Overall, I've been impressed with TLD’s new women’s lineup. They are simple, clean, and functional. If clothes could talk, these would say, “Hey, I’m just here to ride bikes.” They are well constructed and have colors and patterns to suit a variety of tastes. I look forward to riding many more miles in the Lilium and Luxe items, and would love to add more Lilium shorts to the closet. If this is the beginning of a new future for Troy Lee Designs women’s wear, I'm looking forward to seeing what’s next.


For more colors, as well as details on the casual, park-inspired Mischief collection, visit troyleedesigns.com. You can also browse TLD women's gear in Vital MTB's Product Guide.

About The Reviewer

Courtney Steen - Age: 33 // Years Riding: 13 // Height: 5'8" (1.72m) // Weight: 150 lbs (68kg) // Waist: 31.5", Hips: 38", Thigh: 25"

"Going downhill puts a smile on my face and I climb for beer." Courtney routinely shocks the boys with her speed and has experience in various disciplines. A silent force behind the scenes for Vital MTB, she's posted up in Durango, Colorado, and has ridden dozens of women's bikes. Her technical background helps her think critically about products and how they can be improved.

Photos by Brandon Turman


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