16-year-old DH Racer, Chris Grice - The Inside Line Podcast 1

The future of #USDH is bright with racers like Chris and all the other frothing groms coming up!

Welcome mountain bikers! We're proud to bring you an Inside Line episode with a wonder grom of #USDH, Chris Grice. The 16-year-old from North Carolina is amped to ride and race mountain bikes, driving across the country multiple times a year to get it done at the national level. We caught up with him on August 1, a week after he won his second U.S. National Championships DH race in the 15-16 Junior Cat 1 category. The race was in Winter Park, Colorado, and he was road-tripping through Idaho on his way to Crankworx with his dad and JD Swanguen.


Chris isn't the only superstar of the up-and-coming downhill MTB race scene. The junior classes at local mountain bike races are growing like wildfire, often being the largest classes at events. We're glad to share some of the stoke around the future of our sport!

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cover photo by Jack Rice

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