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they should actually shoot at least a 30min movie from this trailer. Kung fury was fun to watch and this would be sick as f***. If i may say so

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I got a set of theese about a week ago from a friend who won them in photo competition. The first thing that i noticed was the size and that they have igus bushings (teflon baearings). As with my straitline defacto pedals that share the same type of bearings and having them from 2007 and i only did one rebuild and replaced 0 pins. So i'm confident that the bearings will last a while. And some amount of play in the axle is normal for theese type of bearings and isn't even noticable when you have your feet on the pedals. I only did a few rides with the harriers on a hardtail allmountain bike but the grip is up there with the defactos, but being even wider, the harriers take the favourite spot for now. One thing worth mentioning is the locking nut on the axle with which you can tighten the pedal when the bearings seals develop play. We'll se about durability but except that, they might just be the best pedals you can buy.

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I always "stuck" to 5.10 but it's sad to hear that a shoe program that was so successful is being canceled. The only real competition to the 5.10 lineup and I might just buy a pair of links if I can still get my hands on them

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I've been riding this year with the accuri and i was stoked as f*** Design is killer and you get a good field of view. Fit is great for the giro remedy and 661 evolution,... To cut the long story short, this is a great product and doesn't have much competition

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I don't really understand what difference that would make since i usually use only the 3 fastest gears for downhill...

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