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Another tip...

After taping the rim I always mount up the tires with a tube and inflate to the high end of the recommended PSI (45 - 60 psi). This helps seal the tape up better. After letting it sit for about 30 min I'll remove the tube, but leave one side of the tire bead set in the rim. This will make it easier to inflate it without the tube because you are only seating one side of the tire. If you have the ability to inject the sealant in through the valve stem I will seat the tire first without sealant and add the sealant later. This keeps things less messy.

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Maybe they are not including it because it's a 2015 Capra. Still I would like to see the review.

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I'm waiting to see what the 2016 YT Capra line up looks like, but will most likely be ordering one of them.