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I approach e-bikes like heroine: I'm not going to try either because I'm probably going to enjoy them and I certainly don't need them. When I'm 68, broken, and have an extra $5K lying around I may reconsider.

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The riding is great no doubt.

I hate that eventually ebikes are going to divide the community. People who put in the time to build trail are not likely going to ride with a motor and won’t allow it either, Nor should they. But a divide is coming. Bikes don’t have motors.

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I'll play devils advocate and say the UCI absolutely should regulate wheel size. DH is a marketing tool not a money maker right? Well a 33" tire will always be faster than a 31" (with adjusted geometry) but the industry won't go there until the last drops have been sucked out of 29" first. And as for tracks getting easier... blame Red Bull if u wish. I blame marketing... right across the industry. DH is a tough sport for anyone and not to rag on the fairer sex but it's even tougher for women. Build an easier track for all or a hard track for half the potential market? Easy choice if you're trying to sell bikes. I'll bet the guys sitting at a computer drafting out a 29DH are asking themselves WTF???... Nobody wants this! Well unless you sell bikes. IMO

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