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I do not understand why these "professional" athletes let themselves get fucked over like that. These people really are super humans to me. Redbull makes more money off these riders every day than any of them will make in a lifetime. Rampage is the biggest, most gnarly event every year. These riders have talent no actor or movie star could ever attain. But they're treated like average Joes with big balls. Its like their chasing a dream that isn't even there right now. I think if red bull wants to keep blowing up the event the riders should be treated like kings. The event would be nothing without them. I know they all have their own sponsors (which by the way, why aren't they providing [first class] transportation, lodging, and insurance for their riders putting their lives on the line to represent their coorporations?) but if redbull wants this even to be great the riders should be able to to focus on one thing; riding their line, and having a good time. Why go through all the stress of getting to this event, and making it out, if you get home and have just dug yourself a hole? I dont know about red bull, but if i was in charge of a probably billion dollar company, i would never ask over 40 riders to come and ride my deadly event unless i was going to provide them VIP service. Theyre all PROFESSIONAL athletes. They should ALL be MAKING money to SHOW UP to this event. I dont know what the winner made but $4,000 for a 4th place finish in this kind of event is a JOKE. /rant

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