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With Gee's comments on rebound and Bruni's interview, are we seeing riders moving towards softer suspension settings (maybe more progression) and faster rebound? I think an early inside line podcast talked about this a bit (can't remember who). I tried this myself and...more

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Why I need a 36mm internal if Loic won the 2018 World Championship with 25mm internal?

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Sure, and I love to take advantage of them. You've got to admit advancements in MTB are tiny and incremental. Slapping a motor on so you can go double the pace at half the heart rate is a bit different.

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I said "cold wash" and meant hang dry, not hand dry. I'm sure a cool temp dryer would be fine too. Its the heat that's an issue, not wash cycles.

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People can know you are a nerd in real time

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Bturman, what are your overall thoughts on 29er fork offset? Was the 44 vs 51 noticeable when switching between bikes?

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I think it depends on what your expectations are. An enduro bike is never going to be competitive in a Cat 1 XC race. Even if you can participate in these events, you can't say an SB-66 is great for XC racing. A 130mm travel "trail bike" is not going ... more ยป

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You should try road cycling, it seems you'd fit right in with them...

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What bottle cage is that?

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