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I'm betting Sean "Griz" McClendon would approve of the LA riding given our other options like sitting in traffic, or watching high-speed chases (while sitting in traffic).

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I don't know if I can really trust this review. A self proclaimed weight weenie using Oury grips? That just doesn't fit, he should go foam all the way. Those foam grips will kill you in the wet for sure, but hey, it is worth it for the weight savings. And, there are more cables...more

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I appreciate the skepticism given the general nature of Vital focusing on more "aggressive" riding disciplines. I've used those Oury grips for what seems like forever, even when I lived in Oregon and it rained all the time. I really like the diameter it gives my grip and the dampening effect of the rubber (80 miles into a 100mile race every little bit helps). Yes, they kind of suck in the rain, but here in SoCal it never rains so it isn't a concern. I have a couple sets of foam grips in the garage that just sit around b/c I love me some Oury.

Do I really have six cables? Damn, you are right:
1. Front brake
2. Rear brake
3. Front derailleur
4. Rear deraileur
5. Fox Front Shock - CTD (climb, trail, descend) remote
6. LEV C KGSL Carbon Remote

Seat pack contains: 29er tube, patch kit, a dollar bill (patch tire) tire patch kit (I run tubeless, if I can patch the tire, I will), Mini-tool.

There is a Garmin 500 on the stem + heart rate monitor strap = data. I'm a computer nerd, what can I say.

Yes, two water bottles. Riding out of LA I go through about a bottle an hour. I typically ride at least 2 hours, but usually closer to 3 or 4, on a training ride. There is a refill spot up on the top of Mulholland near the Nike tower where I refill. I'd be happy to show you sometime.

I run tubeless. I also race 50 and 100 mile mtn bike races. If I get a puncture that the Stan's doesn't fill, I have to patch the tire. If the patch fails, I put a dollar bill between the tube (from the seat pack) put in the tube, and bam! back riding. I'm assuming you don't ride endurance distances, so trust me when I say an extra 29er tube is pretty useful when out in the middle of nowhere.

My jersey holds the mini-pump, keys, wallet, phone, and food. Lots of food if out for 4 -6 hours. Those three pockets fill up fast.

The big air canister - I carry a mini pump in my jersey, but it sucks pumping up a flat 29er tire with a mini-pump. Also, in the saddle bag is another CO2 cartridge. CO2 is your friend when pumping up 29" tires.

Regarding XT cranks. The whole build is XT. On purpose! Why? Going XTR adds significant cost, reduced long-term reliability, and only saves 1/4lb. Additionally, I went XT because I knew I would be riding 200+ miles a week, having to replace parts, and it is more cost effective to work with the XT product line. Additionally, in my experience, it is much less likely for XT products to spontaneously fail than XTR, and I'd hate to be in the middle of a 50 mile US Cup race and have something break.

I live in LA. You are more than welcome to ride the bike with the post and check it out. Seriously. It is an 18" frame. My bike shop is Bike Effect in Santa Monica or Pedaler's Fork in Calabasas. Tell 'em to give me a ring and we can meet out on the trail and swap bikes, or meet at the shop or something. Pedaler's Fork does a rad "Ride n' Pint" if you are ever in the area...

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Fantastic. It's a pretty awesome post, so I'll pick some up to make it a permanent install. Thanks!

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