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Spanked Specialized Enduro

Nice! As a teacher in the same area I know what it takes to save and try and procure your bike.

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Perhaps saying I disagreed with your take on the rear suspension wasn’t the correct wording. You are probably able to push the bikes much harder than I can so I’m sure you are noticing something I can’t make the bikes do. My comment was just meant to explain that as a similar weighted but slower rider, I didn’t notice what you discribed. I haven’t ridden the EVO on a trail so I couldn’t comment on any flex it may have. On the same trails I didn’t notice much of any diffenence between the carbon and alloy frames. But again, I’m probably not fast enough haha. Honestly, it is nice to read a review from a rider of similar weight. I really enjoyed the read.

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Added a comment about feature Specialized Stumpjumper EVO vs. Stumpjumper - See How They Compare 2/22/2019 11:04 AM

I recently picked up a Stumpy 29 alloy comp after demoing the regular stumpy and the ST. I gave an EVO the old parking lot test but it did not feel immediately comfortable compared to the ST or regular stumpy. I attribute some of this to the stack height. I really like the higher stack of the standard stumpy and from a looks standpoint I don't need a bunch of spacers. And being honest with my local trails the HA and overall length of the bike could not be justified. I would probably be better served locally by the ST but I make enough trips to the real mountains in a year and my riding style as a fellow 200lb rider is much more "smash" and "hold on" than that of a refined rider who picks their way precisely down a trail. That with the honest admission that I cannot ride at a professional racers speed down a hill pointed me towards that regular stumpy. I personally could not tell enough of a difference between the way the carbon or alloy frames rode and on the trail I didn't notice a difference in the weight. Coming from a shimano XT drivetrain I'm impressed with the NX eagle on the bike. And coming from a fox factory 36 fit4 I am even more impressed with the fox rhythm 34.

Reading this review I feel even more confidence in my decision knowing there's a lot of overlap in the capabilities of the bikes. One thing that I personally don't agree with is the description of the rear travel. A lot of reviews out there describe the bike as feeling like it has more that 140. I don't think I would agree with that either. But compared to my last 140 bike it feels similar. It does feel as though it has more of a platform to push against though. I like that but I could see how someone really pushing these bikes closer to their limits might feel that as harshness.

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I'll second that I'd like to see a new Fuel ex with a steeper seat tube angle with a slightly shorter seat tube to fit droppers over 150mm. I'm not so sure the bike needs to be much more aggressive though; It gets too close to the Slash if they make ... more »