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I rode down there almost 10 years ago at this point, and that trail, sketchy as it is, is still in the top 3 for me. So epic. On a DH bike you can go off piste for 1500' above where the trail starts and then ride all the way to the valley. But the hidden rocks... scary.

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Added a comment about news blog Sam Hill, Manon Carpenter Fastest in Andorra - World Cup Qualifying Results 7/26/2013 1:32 PM

Stories that aren't getting enough talk: Remi and Lorenzo, 5 and 6! And Brendan got 9th with a flat... just saying.

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Level Up MTB team rider and owner Nate Hoch shows off another side of Washington that most people don't think of. 2 hours from rain forest loam is a world of high peaks and dust. Check out for more info. Song: Robots - Dan Mangan

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Is it just me or does that dropper look like it may be a long travel version? I know that at 6' 4" on an extra large frame I still have to adjust my dropper with my qr from time to time. That would be pretty amazing!

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Anyone notice that the IMBA add that occasionally pops up on the right says that we should "nuture" the existing trails? UMMM....?

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You know what is sweet? Black t-shirts and Carharts...

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I wasn't trying to suggest that you guys were doing anything on purpose, only that when an unknown kid jumps onto the pro podium pretty much out of nowhere that should be a topic of interest. As riders from one of the non-traditional hotspots we pretty much rely on the websites to get us out there when we do well. That and it's a bummer that Pinkbike (a canadian website) has more complete photo coverage of US national championships...

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Dudes, USA Cycling made Kevin Littlefield who got 5th in Pro race the Pro cat this weekend instead of racing junior. He just turned 17 and is rallying. You guys have multiple pictures and mentions of Bubba Warren, well deserved, who got 8th in pro, but Kevin got 5th in his 2nd Pro race ever at National Championships as pretty much a privateer. Give credit where it is due guys...

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Nate Hoch from Big Tree Bikes in Seattle, Wa shreds the Skyline bike park in Queenstown, NZ.

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Big Tree Bikes team rider Nate Hoch from Seattle, riding across the world in Christchurch, NZ. Just a mellow little video, enjoying the endless summer!

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