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Added a comment about video Greatest Run of All Time? Aaron Gwin's Miraculous Win at MSA 2017 8/9/2017 5:33 AM

Exactly as @bizutch said! If we put some numbers here, champery 2007 results:

Pro Men
1. Matti Lehikoinen (FIN) Honda G Cross 4:10.21
2. Steve Peat (GBR) Santa Cruz Syndicate 4:11.81
3. Sam Hill (AUS) Monster Iron Horse 4:11.84
4. Fabien Barel (FRA) Kona Les Gets 4:14.91
5. Mick Hannah (AUS) Cannondale the cut 4:21.52
6. Adam Brayton (GBR) 4:22.15
7. Josh Bryceland (GBR) 4:22.95
8. Marcus Klausmann (GER) 4:23.09
9. Adam Wagner (CZE) 4:23.95
10. Remi Thirion (FRA) 4:25.61

All of top ten riders except Hill were riding in dry conditions. Matti was 1.6s quicker than Hill and Peaty had practically the same time as Hill! And Peaty and Lehikoinen were among the top guys at the moment so if we put this into perspective it would look like Brosnan or Hart or Minnar would ride MSA in dry conditions and Gwinn would be equal or just little behind in wet.

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