Added a comment about feature Evil Undead Carbon Downhill Bike Spy Shots 2/16/2012 12:28 PM

Sweet...I thought Evil was dead. Definitely some of the nicest lines out there.

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Added a comment about video Urbano Manizales Marcelo Gutierrez 2/7/2012 7:05 AM

Seriously? He was roosting curbs! I would have died many times.

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Added a comment about press release World Champions and Olympic Hopefuls Lead Giant Factory Off-Road Team in 2012 1/31/2012 11:03 PM

A bit weird that they let Riffle go, but didn't add anyone new to the lineup. Hope Riffle finds a good team.

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Added a comment about feature Avid's New Four-Piston Disc Brakes(?) 1/26/2012 9:22 AM

@mtbfree - I think that's just the bolt that holds the two sides of the caliper together...

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Added a comment about news blog Australian National DH Round 1 at Thredbo - Qualification Results 12/10/2011 12:34 PM

@NoahColorado Maybe I'm looking at different results than you, but ~39s looks like a pretty strong winning margin to me...
...or was that sarcasm (I don't have a good esarc meter)

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Added a comment about slideshow Ridden: The 2012 Trek Session 9.9 Carbon 10/6/2011 7:38 PM
C138_spot b thumb2

The session is cool, but Schnell's caterpillar is something else...

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Added a comment about news blog 2012 Freecaster DH1 Series Confirmed 10/3/2011 11:39 PM

Yes, this sounds entirely good. But I guess I don't understand....why would anyone bother competing in the UCI series if the Freecaster series has a bigger purse, likely a bigger audience, and consequently more endorsements? Prestige of the UCI title? Or or does their money and clout actually count for something? Why not just make a clean break from the UCI now?

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Added a comment about photo Loaded Precision AmX Direct Mount DH Stem 9/17/2011 8:00 AM

I may be wrong, but I believe that both Blackspire and "Loaded Precision" are just re-branding the same Taiwan made catalog part. Its kinda sad, but in order to stay afloat and compete anymore a number of the smaller companies that used to manufacture, or at least design, the parts themselves, are now basically just re-branding cheaper (as in price, not necessarily quality) Taiwan products.

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Added a comment about feature Win a RockShox BoXXer World Cup and Vivid R2C - Vital OTB, World Champs 8/29/2011 2:20 PM

Aaron Gwin 3:55.91
Tracy Mosely 5:19.64

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Started new thread Dartmoor Wish VitalMTB edition? 8/29/2011 8:22 AM

Looks like they liked your website theme, Vital. When will they be doing the official VitalMTB edition? :p

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Started new thread Props to Keystone Trail Crew! 8/29/2011 8:12 AM

I realize this is coming a little late in the season, but I wanted to commend the work that the Keystone Trail Crew has put in this year. After the last couple of rather lackluster seasons, it looks like they have been listening to rider feedback. They've ... more ยป

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