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Added reply in a thread Snowshoe World Cup DH Finish Feature 8/28/2021 5:16 AM

This, to me, looks like a feature constructed not just for the race track but its a way to allow spectators to cross under the track before the finish corral. Remember this is where the shipping container drop was in 2019 and served the same purpose. ... more »

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Driscoll's race run footage is insane. So many slippery moments in Lower Hairball, way to keep it upright!

Liked a comment on the item $599 and Ready for Abuse - New Race Face Aeffect 30R First Ride 11/4/2020 1:22 AM

@TEAMROBOT -Fair enough. I did my best to push them, and destroyed a rear tire in the process. My experience building hundreds of wheels for customers (and myself) combined with the fact that I'm not exactly svelte, rode these on a hardtail, and didn't pick smooth lines might...more

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If I say it’s so. It is so. Trust Mongopedia not Wiki or Warnerpedia.

Liked a comment on the item The Ultimate Park Bike? Vital's Yeti SB165 Project 8/13/2020 10:41 AM

Disagree on all points. 38's still creak, and nothing compares to the stiffness of a dual crown fork for big holes, steep terrain, and heavy braking. If you're in a bike park there's no need for 12 speeds, and the longer chain and derailleur cage are much more likely to make...more

Added a comment about feature Shimano XT 12-Speed Long-Term Review 7/31/2020 4:17 AM

Bite point- just do a quick fluid top off every couple months and its fine. Its regular maintenance just like a lower service.

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Added a comment about video Pro Bike Check: Lars Sternberg's Shred-Ready Transition Spur 7/13/2020 5:59 PM

Make that a complete build for sale and we have a deal my friends.

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Added reply in a thread FORUM HOTSEAT - Transition Bikes Crew 4/30/2020 8:40 AM

Why is the seattube the only part of a bike without a seal on it to keep water and dirt out?

Liked a comment on the item Two-Minute MTB Fork Service with Lee Trumpore 3/14/2020 5:15 AM

Now that the usual pearl-clutchers have weighed in about crush washers and the dangers of lubricating with lubricants how about give it a go and report back how it went (crazy idea, I know). Let Spomer and I know if we get to stay off the kill list for another year.

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How do you get a tan from straightening your bars?

Added a comment about product review Tested: 210mm Dropper Post v2 from OneUp Components 12/7/2019 4:25 AM

When I first installed my Oneup remote I didn’t like it, but it was my fault because I was comparing it to all the other remotes which are shaped like an up-shift paddle. After a couple hours I adjusted to it and I push it with the tip of my thumb now and love it. Now the other remotes feel huge, clunky, and require too much range of motion to activate.

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There is a dumb conversation happening here. You can build light easy-to-break frames out of carbon, aluminum, or steel, and you can overbuild bikes so they hold up to years of abuse using carbon, aluminum, or steel. The better question: Is there a big performance benefit to buying carbon...more

Liked a comment on the item GREATEST DOWNHILL RACE EVER. Snowshoe World Cup DH Finals 9/9/2019 4:15 PM

Thanks! The reporting “journalism” is why we really do it. Sharing the stories and moments behind the moments with our chats is what keeps me doing this. The photos and captions are secondary. So thanks for listening (and looking)

Added a comment about news blog RESULTS - Qualifying, Snowshoe World Cup Downhill 9/6/2019 6:34 PM

He is on fire this weekend.

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can't believe i just thumbs-upped a bizutch comment.

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You're pretty much wrong, yeah. wink,36843/sspomer,2

Liked a comment on the item Pit Puzzle - Greg's V10 with New/Longer Rear End 7/5/2019 8:12 PM

Kiran MacKinnon (works for SC) using the same idea: shorter reach, backwards buzzworks and longer stays. He and I talked about it at Tamarack and he thinks it's all relation of body weight/position to BB. he also thinks longer reach is yanking riders too far forward these...more

Liked a comment on the item Pit Puzzle - Greg's V10 with New/Longer Rear End 7/5/2019 3:04 PM

477mm rear end, and interestingly they got rid of the Buzzworks headset to make the front end 8mm shorter. All my life I've heard how short chainstays corner better, but Greg seems to be doing fine on the limousine. I hope all the engineers at SC talk to each other, because...more

Liked a comment on the item SEE THE BRAND NEW WORLD CUP DH TRACK! Snowshoe, West Virginia POV with Neko and Dak 7/3/2019 7:25 PM

Looks RAD!! Great looking finals track. Will we see a brand new rainbow jersey being worn here????