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Whether you're stuffing your face with candy on a bouncy castle or you're the biggest mountain bike festival in the world, turning 10 is a big deal. Have you ever wondered what the Pros like Kelly McGarry, Jordie Lunn, Brett Tippie and Martin Soderstrom did when they were 10 years old? I had the pleasure of hanging out with Finn Finestone during Cranworx to see what he got up to. It also just happened to be his birthday!

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Last October brought a longing to ride new terrain, see new places and make excuses for a road trip. Driving the 6 hours from Whistler to Sombrio inside a fierce storm, it suddenly dawned that this may not be the 'best' time to go beach camping. In hind-sight, the weather made for an incredible trip, bringing 4 friends together around a campfire sharing the warming delights of mulled wine. Riders : Steve Storey & Ollie Jones. Shot on location : Sombrio Beach, Sooke, Duncan. Video - Mike Gamble. Song - Dan Mangan - Rows of Houses. Follow my media site here -

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Yes, it is.

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Since 2003, North Shore Billet has been making bicycle products in Canada with our own hands. It’s a challenge, but it’s what we love; working in a small machine shop with a core group of riders, surrounded by some of the best trails in the world. Corporate giant? Not us. At the end of the day it’s not about how much money we made; it’s about how many excellent parts we made.

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With winter sprinkling us with empty promises and bike season just around the corner. Denis Courchesne shows us how its time to put away the winter tools, dust off the wheels and ride your bike.There aren't any 'sick' tricks here, just good ol' silky smooth riding.

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