Added a comment about photo 2016 Foes Mixer Trail & Enduro 10/19/2015 3:37 PM

I have owned a Foes Mixer now for about 1 month and wanted to share my thoughts so far. I have been riding an Intense Spider 29er for 4 years prior to this bike. I get out riding about 3+ times a week and would consider myself an advanced rider. So far the Mixer is a great ride. The bike seems more nimble and response than my Intense. Going up hills I get that nice roll over up front and when I really pedal hard I can feel the bike has more acceleration than my Intense. Going down hills the smaller tire in back really does help with drops (I am going off drops where on the Intense I would feel like I wanted to launch over the bars) with a lot more comfort and stability. When the trail has more turns the front wheel performs like my Intense but the back seems to take a tighter line through the curve (I start the curve a bit forward, I then move back over the rear wheel) and the bike will whip thought the curve.
I have no regrets with the Mixer and my level of riding is improving with this bake. Kudos to the folks at Foes and Timberline for coming up with this bike!

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