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You mention the pre-roll ad (assuming because you didn't like there being a pre-roll, otherwise why mention it...), and also mention that they don't allow embedding, because that means you can't embed it and put your own pre-roll ad on it... I see how ... more »

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Dr. Bong Hit, PHD, I respectfully disagree. Until recently, World Cup DH racers were drilling out their shoes so they could run the cleats farther back than the stock shoe would allow, and that phenomenon only stopped because shoe companies started offering DH shoes with...more

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Ummm... what? Curious where you heard that the modern MTB technique is to ride flat pedals on the balls of your feet. Don’t think I’ve heard that one yet.

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Have to agree with the robots, rule of humb for fore-aft foot position has been edging back for a while. There are a few models of shoes now mentioning they have more rearward cleat placement (meaning foot is forward on the pedal).

It's also super rider dependent. Someone who favors trials-like power moves up tech climbs might want the extra ankle mobility of pedal axle nearer the ball of their foot; but someone loves ripping steep rolls and railing berms and might want to not burn out their calves holding against g-outs and berms so they'll ride more in the middle of the foot to reduce the leverage.

Ripping and railing is a much more common ride fantasy than trials whiz, so the average pedal axle to foot placement has been trending towards the middle of the foot.

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"We also blew out of the pedals a handful of times sprinting out of corners. Some of these situations could be pretty dangerous. It should be stated that our tester has primarily ridden clips for well over a decade."

It might be said that the tester has primarily relied on clips for well over a decade, if they're blowing off of basically flats with extra holding power.

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Added a comment about news blog Discovery / Warner Bros / Eurosport Talking About Covering the World Cup 2023-2030 6/14/2022 1:51 PM

Right, and there were more people with input when it went to Red Bull. Not always bad. You think RB didn't have to keep their stakeholders satisfied with some big returns on their investment? Privately-owned doesn't mean "don't want to make money". Public or private, they're both going to do what gets them good returns. And there have already been big public corporations with theirs hands in the cookie jar for a while. You think title sponsors (and publicly traded companies) like Shimano and Mercedes-Benz don't have some pull?

And for everyone, don't forget that the RB streams are not completely "free". They show ads, for their own RB content, and for title sponsors. They capture user metadata to do whatever they want with (anyone actually read the Privacy Policy?), even if you don't sign in. Not saying the same things won't happen with D+, with or without a paywall, just that it's really not a completely valid argument to say they're "free". They are charging you time (beyond the showing of the race itself), attention, and personal data, in order to watch the races.

Shit, Vital MTB sells ads, a decent amount by the looks of the pages, so they know what it takes to be "free". I'm sure everyone here has had to click or wait through a full page interstitial ad to read a "free" VitalMTB story, or wait through an over-the-top (as in, not part of the video, but added by Vital for only Vital's benefit) pre-roll video ad for a video that is available for "free" elsewhere.

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Added a comment about news blog Discovery / Warner Bros / Eurosport Talking About Covering the World Cup 2023-2030 6/14/2022 12:27 PM

" anytime significant corporate investor money comes into something"

You mean like when Red Bull took over? There was no guarantee that was going to be great at the time.

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EWS itself released a 38 minute weekend recap today, on their own channel and GMBN. Whatever you want to say about GMBN, doesn't really matter right now since they're the ones that got tapped to cover at least this season. And ss many have said, it's ... more »

Added a comment about press release OneUp Announces the Most Compliant E-Bike Rated Bar On the Market 6/7/2022 11:44 AM

Let you go further, but are more physically demanding? Aren't those opposites?

Oh, you mean they just shift the physical demands away from the legs. And they allow higher speeds in more places. So riders can more easily get into places and situations that their body as a whole can't handle, because the rest of the body besides the legs now has to keep up with a powered machine. Wonderful.

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Actually, "standardized" would be a good thing, because then at least you wouldn't be stuck with bike/stem/bar/fork/etc-specific replacement parts when needed. I think what you (and I) don't want is for it to be commonplace or, worse, to be the norm ... more »

Added reply in a thread Tell me why headset cable routing is a good idea 6/2/2022 9:13 AM

an opening, above the bottom bearing, just like many internal routing ports that live on the headtube?

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* Aero * "Clean look" * Sharp bends in hoses decrease flow to rear caliper, causing rear lever to feel slightly firmer for a given pad pressure, giving you automatic brake bias towards the front * Future proof for when holes in frames are largely taboo ... more »

Added a comment about photo Amaury Pierron's proven Supreme DH V5 5/20/2022 7:09 AM
Amaury Pierron's proven Supreme DH V5

So weird that Chris King keeps making 6-bolt hubs for the teams, but won't sell them to us normies.

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Added a comment about press release Intense Launches New U.S. Bike Assembly Facility 5/20/2022 7:02 AM


No shit. It's always cost and profiit. So they'll offshore things using that justification, but when that profit boost is minimized, they bring it back and talk just about how it's some kind "returning to our roots".

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Not real stfu though. They're just fork bumpers. Pretty innovative though!

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The car mechanic simulator game (games?) on Steam actually seem to do quite well. So do the farm simulators, trucking simulators, etc, and there is a whole sub-genre in shared-world flight-sims of people who take on the role of air traffic controllers! ... more »

Added a comment about feature KYLE WARNER - The Inside Line Podcast 4/5/2022 1:27 PM

I'll say it again, because it's important: keep telling your story, including/especially dealing with depression. I've also dealt with that, and I think a huge help for many people is just hearing that others have the same feelings, and are still here.

But also, there are some things that I totally understand why people why say sound like what a conspiracy but would say.

Breakthrough pain on opiates is nothing like breakthrough infections after vaccination. There seems to be a bit of a misunderstanding of how vaccines work. Every immune response is different (hence the injuries you've experienced and seen) and viruses continuously change, and that's why breakthrough infections occur. Breakthrough pain is your body literally becoming desensitized to the drug. Receptors get "clogged" or "worn out", and literally have a lesser reaction, hence the need for more drugs to get the same effect. If there is a need for a stronger vaccine, it isn't because the body is overstimulated, it's the exact opposite.

It's also interesting you focus on MIS and other injuries as being caused by the vaccine, when the vast majority of those injuries also occur in actual COVID infections. If a body is reacting to the spike protein in the vaccine, why would you assume it's going to react differently to an uncontrolled infection of the entire virus, spike protein and all. Yes, the vaccine has a chance of causing injuries, but the virus itself also has a chance of causing the same injuries, and more, and the virus spreads without consent and exponentially. I feel like it is disingenuous to imply that these injuries are only from the vaccine and would not have also likely occurred from a COVID infection. Maybe that was not your intention, but that's what it sounded like from this end.

I was disappointed when you mentioned corporate greed, and then told a story about the enormous cost of doing hyperbaric stuff and that you literally got compensated for bringing them more business (free sessions after referrals, that's compensation). Yes, it's a different scale, but it's all profit motivated, and arguing against corporate greed can be a slippery slope for a paid representative of various profit-driven corporations. Consider that the companies making vaccines could have pulled a Purdue and stalled on a vaccine and instead sold huge amounts of treatment drugs while letting the epidemic continue. Treating symptoms of an easily transmissible disease with often long-term effects is much more profitable than making a vaccine at government rates.

Just some thoughts about the things I heard that could inflame some ideologies and -isms. If it sounds like a personal attack, I apologize, not the intent. Only intention is taking in some helpful thoughts and returning back what is hopefully more helpful thoughts.

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Added a comment about feature KYLE WARNER - The Inside Line Podcast 4/5/2022 12:21 PM

And no one says "Get the vaccine, then you can't get COVID, can't die from COVID, can't spread COVID." You slipped that in there as why you were ok with getting the vaccine initially, and skated over it pretty quick, but if that was your worldview then no wonder that view was blown up, it was flat wrong.

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Added a comment about feature KYLE WARNER - The Inside Line Podcast 4/4/2022 8:00 AM

First, Kyle, keep telling your story as long as you think it'll help others. No one can change what you experienced and how you experienced it.

But, a couple things you mentioned could easily be used against you. Avoiding them might help nullify some far left criticisms and help keep the far right from piggybacking on and politicizing your experience.

Maybe don't mention religious exemptions, especially regarding fetal stem cells. They were not used to create, and are not present in, the mRNA vaccines themselves, only in a small portion of the testing process. And the leaders of all major religions worldwide, from the Pope to imams to the Dalai Lama, have stated there is no religious reason to not get these vaccines, including that small use of fetal stem cells.

Be careful so casually mentioning that you know doctors who could and would just give a patient some custom treatment cocktail. Those cocktails may work, but they of course also have a potential for side-effects and reactions: anti-viral medications are quite powerful and have potential to greatly disrupt the immune system. And since those "custom cocktails" have not seen large scale double blind clinical trials (not sure how they could be if they're "custom"), taking them is just as risky, if not a more, than getting a thoroughly trialed treatment.

You mentioned someone who got the vaccine and had a very large concentration of the spike proteins, more than the average COVID infection, but that's the wrong comparison. More appropriate would be to compare to the average spike protein level caused by vaccination, not infection. Also, it makes perfect sense to assume someone who has a large and/or adverse immune-response to the spike-proteins created by the vaccine would also have a similar response to the (same) spike proteins caused by an infection. Plus the person with the actual infection also has to deal with fending off the actual virus. So it might be best to avoid that kind of speculation that the virus is equally or less dangerous than the vaccine for a given individual until further evidence has been shown.

And finally just be careful with assuming that correlation implies causation. It's very sad that your dad had a heart-attack and stroke, but that happening weeks after he got vaccinated is just correlation. (At least I don't recall you mentioning any evidence that it was directly caused by the vaccines) We lost my mother to a stroke after she went go-karting with some of her grandkids, but that is just correlation: no one is blaming go-karting for causing it. That would be like blaming one of the kids, as it's just coincidence as to who was there at the time. It was going to happen anyway, and it's actually slightly lucky it didn't happen an hour later when she was driving on the interstate: at least we got to see her (in a coma) and say goodbye, instead of being smashed up and gone in a crash.

Again, keep telling your story, no one can deny what actually happened to you. But just be wary of making assumptions and conclusions based on timing instead of scientific evidence. Remember that the same scientific methodology that is telling you about your current injury is the same methodology that discovered the virus, it's infection, and _all_ potential treatments.

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