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Thanks man, I am a mechanic at the Adventure company in the Harbor!

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Way to go Copper Harbor! Little town of 85 people, thriving on mountain biking! Can't wait to move back for the summer!

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I really hope you are kidding javier... What they are doing here is creating a sustainable singletrack trail, with little impact on the surrounding environment, that will last for generations. Just using natural lines in many cases can cause serious erosion problems, because many times they follow a fall line of a hillside. Also in Moab Area, you cannot just take any area and ride on natural lines because of the fragile environment (cryptobiotic soil mainly) and by creating these types of trails, it will keep people off of these fragile elements. you want to see destruction, you need to look at the 4x4's of the moab area, not the mountain bikers.

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Vote Copper Harbor, MI (Overflow Trail) and Elm Creek bike park!

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Help the mid-west we are in desperate need of bad ass riding spots to freshen up our scene! Need a little spice in our MTB life! Vote Elm Creek bike park, Copper Harbor DH and Brown County IN for flow!

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This was from my trip in January, Most lower elevation trails were good at this point. When we went again in early March we hiked up from as far as our shuttle could go to the top of upper porcupine singletrack and ended up in knee deep snow but a clear cut singletrack through it. It was super sketchy, but amazing. I have heard reports that hazard, UPS, and kokopeli are clear and they are running shuttles. Have fun man!

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