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Added reply in a thread What makes the price of aluminum change? 5/19/2017 10:26 PM

Supply vs demand

Added reply in a thread Electric VS normal enduro bike 5/19/2017 10:24 PM

If it can provide enough torque to create enough giroscopic force to do moto whips I'm sold

Added reply in a thread Is straighter and faster really that bad for a World Cup track? 5/19/2017 10:22 PM

There a good place to rest (briefly) leaving you with more energy to really perform in the tech sections as far as racing is concerned And for spectators a crash or two can really excited the masses when a racer is going 60km/hr + and they make for some ... more »

Added reply in a thread Saint m820 levers with XTR calipers 5/19/2017 10:15 PM

Technically speaking they function almost exactly the same just a trade off of weight for strength with the Saint levers I've done the opposite with satisfactory results. Xtr levers / Saint calipers

Added reply in a thread Dirt bikes on mtn bike trails 5/19/2017 9:57 PM

Lol at how many mtn bikers ride trails that have proper signage clearly stating no mtn bikes and how many known illegal trails we maintain and ride regularly yet we are so set in our ways that we should be entitled to ride and alter these trails at our ... more »