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I have the Sam Hill lite elbows and they have less protection, great for protecting against scrapes and smaller hits. They don't stay in place as well on me as the knees do and when I'm sweaty I find myself readjusting them. They pack really easily and I found myself using them quite a bit on technical rides this year. But I think the knees are a bit better.

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Sam Hill Knee


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I for the life of me can't get an Aggressor DD WT 2.5 mounted to an Ibis 35mm rim with Huck Norris. Can't imagine adding cush core.

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You're descriptions are a bit to vague to give an accurate answer. I think the frames are probably similar so I don't think there is too much in that for your first bike that you'd notice an answer. Here are the things that would help: 1) How many miles ... more »

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That's controversial to say Teo > Doctors

If you are running your own loop maybe, but I think the doctors descent is way better than Teo. I just got back from CB this weekend. Here's my opinion. Its depends how big of rides you actually ... more »
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Oh, yeah you're right, my bad. Scott Enduro and Pro GRT cancelled. Scott is only offering an 80% refund. I really hope Purg can make the progress they wanted. Bringing in Hogan is the right move, and I really hope to see the downhill scene there improve. ... more »

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Edited for clarity: Durango hasn't been dealt the best cards this year. Now this is def a bummer, and I understand it. The fire has played a major part in our summer, stopping operations at Purg for a while, which really must have delayed a ton of the ... more »

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You can either come out the road or out Rainbow. On my ride, I came out the road. When I did rainbow back in 2011 I thought it was pretty boring with unnecessary sprint climbs. If I was just doing Silver, I'd probably come out Rainbow still, but with ... more »

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xyian: What is "Crest to Deadman's Gulch"? Also talking camping at Dr. Park, that is an hour drive from Monarch Pass? I'm pretty confused, its like you are combining CB and Monarch. For me right now "Salida" is more "Monarch Crest". I haven't rode in ... more »

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Vital should rename the site "" and just post these edits every week. Every day? I'd never get sick of it.

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For sure. Those wheels were not working for him. Take your wagon wheels and go home, Strobel.

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Nice, I want to ride that!

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