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I agree on the faulty charts, but since (guessing by the video) the 3rd chamber is smaller than the main chamber the 3rd chamber piston will not move the same amount as the main piston to achieve equal pressure. Given the "recommended pressures" though, it seems that the 3rd chamber piston would start moving quite immediately (only 10psi difference). Would be interesting to see what this system actually does, im guessing it acts from beginning stroke more like a single larger chamber and gradually towards ending stroke it acts like a slightly smaller system (not as small as systems with lots of tokens however).

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Based on literally everything I know about suspension, a shock that doesn't sag (and thus has no negative travel) sounds awful. I'm really, really curious about your thoughts after test riding this shock. Please don't pull punches this time though *cough*...more

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Still the same, as with your motorized sister-page

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Any time I open a link on the homepage into a new tab (both cmd-click and right click->open in new tab) it also open the same link in the current tab. Same for vitalmx, in both Chrome and Safari. runninng OSX Yosemite

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This is where I am training for World Champs. Coming back to full potential after my collarbone break, this track is perfect to get back up to speed; nice loamy dirt, roots, rocks and some good turns! It´s even got shuttle access! Filmed by Tomas Haugland

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