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I can compare deville fcv and deville 35 because if you look at my older spartan i had this one before...

The 35mm frame and the new design make it really stiffer. I found too much flex in the 34mm deville fcv, even with my 20mm axle... Now i have the 35 in 15mm boost and it is way stiffer, like a fox 36 for me, or really close... I just bought the 20mmx110mm axle for my 35, i will see but i think i won't be noticeable... But it is good to know that they provide both options at BOS.

Now i found way more support too on the 35, the older version with fcv give good support and the new 35 is even better. I found a bit less friction and high speed feels more composed.

I was just waiting for more stiffness when switching... But i found a better dampening too

Sorry guys my english is messed up ^^

To be clear : i don't work at bos and i pay full price for their products... But i ride with bos since some years now and really love it !

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The climb switch on mine does not seems to do something... On my kirk2 it was really noticeable, not on this one... Honnestly climb switches are not important on a good shock with a good bike...

I live in france, to be honnest BOS had a time when it was a nighmare.... I have to admit... but to be honnest since like 2 years they are really back in business. They reply fast, i orderer a 20mm axle for the deville, it was shipped 24h after, service of both fork and shock took 48h... They do a good job now ...

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Hi @bansaiman,

the problem is that i switched back to a coil from an air shock so my feeling may be a little false... and my english too XD but this is what i can say :

I rode a fox DHX5.0 coil, yes it is an old one, then i switched to a bos stoy, yes old too ^^ and the difference was obvious ! The stoy was more plush, needed a bigger SAG and gave much more support on both low speed and hi speed compression. The grip was isane. Then i switched bike for the 2017 spartan with a bos kirk 2. The kirk gave me the same grip, more support ( i think because it is air so more progressive ), and less plushness... Then i switched to the syors on the 2018 spartan... And the feeling is unreal ^^. It gives me the best of both world, plenty of support with plushness and insane grip. And everybig hit like going flatout to a rock garden or landing next to a drop is really smoothed out by the syors. It is incredible. I would like to try a fox dhx to compare... But it is by far the best shock i ever had !

Sorry for my english...

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thanks man !

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