Added a new video The Sun Valley SingleTrack Remedy Episode #1 6/11/2013 3:14 PM

Singletrack Deficit Disorder (STDD) is something that best describes what a lot of us with kids, jobs, responsibilities, etc experience when we don't get to ride enough and start suffering from withdrawals. This epic documentary explores the origin of STDD. enjoy. At the end you can enter to win the Remedy for STDD with an all expenses paid trip to come ride in Sun Valley. And get dialed with a lot of really great gear.

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Added a new video Ride Sun Valley Bike Festival Presented by Scott Sports June 29 - July 7 3/14/2013 9:17 AM

The Ride Sun Valley Bike Festival returns this coming summer June 29-July 7. Come out and race in the Super Enduro (a five stage enduro with over 11,000' vertical of descending with a $5k prize purse for Pro/Open). The week is full of great races, rides, bike demos and finishes with the US Marathon Mountain Bike National Championships. For more information visit:

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This has AC written all over it.

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Going to be so epic!

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Sun Valley, Idaho, Shimano American, and SCOTT Sports have teamed up to bring you the Sun Valley Shimano Super Enduro. Two days, five stages, over 11,000 vertical feet of descending and a $5k prize purse will make this an event worth checking out. Riding is flowy and fast, not especially technical. It's more about flow and speed than the ability to fly over large objects. more info at

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Added a comment about press release Developing: Trek World Racing Wants Aaron Gwin Back, Whiteley May Pursue Legal Action 1/8/2013 7:52 AM

The team has a history of helping riders win who had not previously won, including Aaron Gwin. Aside from have not signed a contract this statement seems a little specious at best. Aaron Gwin was winning the minute Yeti signed him and never looked back. True Trek World was a great sponsorm, but let's recognize that Gwin probably would have won the world cup on a Huffy.
However, Specialized buys champions and Gwin has about 10 years to make as much loot as he can. So i am sure this is about paychecks. Gwin is in a great position.

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