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Impressive as always. Aesthetics and function are second to none.

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This is my riding from two seasons ago. I am currently working on last year's edit.

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I haven't laughed that hard in a while. Classic and on target for 95% of those attracted to 29in bikes. That being said, fat, rockered powder skis received the same reception years ago. Take a look at the 2011 ski product lines this year. Nick is spot on in that some instances, larger diameter wheels may be beneficial on certain courses. Would I trade my 26in dirt jumper for a 29in dirt jumper? No. Doesn't make sense. You could argue that 26in is too large based on how good the 20in community is when riding trails/park. When trying to go down a mountain quickly, and putting aesthetics aside, 0%-10% faster times for myself made me take notice. I approached it logically by systematically timing runs (n=3 per bike) down the same course throughout the day on the two bikes I feel very comfortable on (My 26in Specialized Demo versus 29in Lenz Sport PBJ - both weigh in just under 40lbs). It made a believer out of me. 0% on Silky Johnson (which is a testament to turning least I wasn't slower), 5% faster on Cheese It/Tron, 10% on Cougar and around 5% WP downhill course. Perhaps faster riders wouldn't see this advantage? In the few races I've done, I'm about 20% off the fastest course times as a gauge. I still have a lot to learn, wagon wheels or not .....


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I'm sold on the idea. They ride differently but not necessarily worse. Yes, they do feel weird at first but just like adapting to anything new, once you get used to them they open up an entirely new world of benefits. Yes they can turn. Yes they hold their momentum in the rough stuff. Yes they smooth out and are not impacted as much by braking bumps made by 26 in tires coming into corners on a downhill course. If you approach the ride scientifically and actually see how fast you are on each style bike you might be surprised. I was. I've been riding the 7 inch travel Lenz Sport PBJ and I love it. The Manitou Dorado works very well. The wheels can be built up very strong. I think the tire choices are limited but the minion clone available through WTB is made by Maxxis anyways, right? Their 29 tire basically mimics the Minion tread pattern and is probably the exact same rubber compound. I'm glad I thought outside of the box. I realize that part of the fun of racing is seeing how you've done against your peers on the same equipment. I just add 5-10% to my finish times to see how I would have placed in my class if riding a 26in bike....I struggle with this aspect but I still find myself riding the 29er versus the 26.

Brandon Schmit

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