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I never thought so many people on vital would be concerned about the kids? Are you trolling? Teach your own kids right and wrong and let these guys ride their bikes for their living on whatever bike they feel like? If you want to set an example then go pro....a-holes...contracts? You really care about a multi million dollar bike company not having someone on their team? Really? News flash....they are all still going to make plenty of money!

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there she was Savages ... more ยป
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started on 26" hardtail. a year ago I went to a 29" rigid SS. the bigger wheels are lighter than the bargain 26" wheels I had b4 so I actually didn't experience a huge weight gain + I don't have a suspension fork so I don't really need to shave weight. I feel like the rigid REALLY puts those 29" wheels into play. I road a rigid 26" and I go so much faster over all kinds of terrain and cornering is GRIPPY!! on my 29" AND I get more of a sling shot acceleration curve with more momentum and better cruising speeds. i'm also 6'2". I think it sucks that manufacturers want to phase on an entire wheel size BUT! I think that 26'' look so darn small...27.5 would be a really good standard and once the geometry gets refined I think shorter riders will end up being just as comfortable and be able to realize the advantages of the bigger wheels.

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