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TAG have been around forever in Moto one of the top three brands for bars and sprockets, maybe everyone else is just slow off the mark. They just relaunched their MX line as well back in January. Whats interesting is that it took renthal 5plus years to do a 800mm bar and Tag come out with it straight away, they obviously know the score right from the start and that speed align system for the steerer tube! sometimes it takes an outsider company to look in at mtb and notice the simple things that have been needed for many years but brands too caught up on wheels and tyre sizes to notice the simple stuff that makes life easy.

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Looks Like MX gear to me, did they change anything for bike, it even has leather panels on the inside of the leg for the hot exhaust pipes!

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I think the only thing that looks similar is the way its perforated all over, other than that its a very different short as I own a pair of Demo's. I actually read in Dirt an interview with the Royal designer a few months ago and they mentioned he used to be at fox and he was now at Royal. Looks like he took some of his style with him. I checked these out when I was at crankworx they have a waterproof liner inside on the ass so you don't get too wet and also a waterproof pocket liner for your phone. I had a set of Demo they were great but going to go for these when there out. Pleased to see Royal stepping it up in to the more all mountain style of gear.

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