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it feels like it starts twisting once i get really aggro on the bike. so i would say torsional. are there any 36's at 150mm, i'm def not to keen on going to a 160mm.

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so i currently ride a fox 32 talas 150mm fork, with a 15mmQR an find it extremely flexy, the steerer tube is a 1/8. my question for y'all is if i sent it back to fox, to have it converted to a tapered steerer tube, would it really make it that much stiffer? ... more ยป

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the Honda hands down was the sexiest bike ever!!! just a bummer they never produced it! i so would buy that rig over anything else on the market!

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yes!!! it would save alot of people alot of money using there older frames!!!

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i get crazy looks an crazy responces from the xc geeks on the trails too for riding flats. but hey who cares, as long as i'm ripping by them an making it look awesome, lol

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medium frame in mint condition! $800 including fox rp23 shox, seat collor, an bottom bracket. email me

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