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Added a comment about product review First Ride: G-Form Pro Rugged and E-Line Knee Protection 1/25/2021 5:44 AM

Only in mountain biking would gear that makes you look *more* like an Imperial Storm Trooper be considered the understated and conservative choice.

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Added a comment about feature Discover the All-New Shimano SLX and XT 12-Speed Drivetrains, Brakes and More 10/13/2019 7:31 AM

No short cage rear derailleur option? That was the piece I was really hoping would trickle down from XTR.

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Added a comment about video We Would Never Have Thought You Could Go This Hard on a DH Tandem 1/3/2019 6:41 AM

This could the ultra-modern enduro rig if it only had one seat, 29" wheels and 95 degree seat tube.

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Added a comment to Robert_Stone's bike check 12/25/2018 8:04 AM
Evil Wreckoning

What a glorious train wreck of color! Love it!

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Evil Wreckoning
Added reply in a thread Why are flat tires something we still see these days? 5/15/2014 7:09 AM

Having experimented with a wide range of tubeless setups, tire liners, sealants, and tubes, my most reliable setups have been the heaviest: Geax Neurons on Transition Revolution 36 wheels with Wal-Mart tubes pumped full of sealant. I think I went a year ... more »

Added a comment about feature First Look: 9point8 Pulse Stepper Seatpost 5/23/2013 7:48 AM

Agreed. Considering you are often slowing down in preparation for the tech-gnar that is inspiring you to drop the post in the first place, having to take a finger off the brake lever in order to drop the post doesn't make much sense.

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Liked a comment on the item First Look: 9point8 Pulse Stepper Seatpost 5/23/2013 7:44 AM

The stepper idea is unique, but that lever design is a missed opportunity in my opinion. I always keep my index finger on my brakes, and it's a habit that I never want to change.

Added a comment about photo ntb final 2 12/23/2012 6:00 AM
ntb final 2

The 24" rear wheel is back!

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