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I really hope all the " {top rider name} goes to Huffy/Schwinn/Mongoose/etc" posts end. It was no longer funny in 2015 and that's not likely to change today or the next decade.

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Will there be any sort of live timing or post-race coverage happening? Heard category 45-49 has 3 WC's competing.

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Does this mean we'll see a shootout soon aka Vital MTB Test Session?

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I have the 4-pot XTR's (and the drivetrain as well). Definitely the best brakes I have ever tried.

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Knolly just amped up the reach game on their new 2020 bikes. Small: 452 Medium: 475.5 Large: 500 X-Large: 520

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Imagine fitting 6'5" Rob Warner on top of a top tube that short.

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When did Loris decide to go back to 650b wheels? Doesn't seem to be any mention of it anywhere.

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I wonder if the top tier model gets the coil shock seen here or will get an air shock instead. Bikes look sick, btw.

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Another one in the books for a mullet bike. It's a Mondraker Summum this time.,2754 IIRC, Laurie first used it in Les Gets (podium) after the Bulldog won with it ... more »

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Many riders tend to still keep the same rise handlebars and same spacers under their stems when they get a new bike in the long, low, and slack era. You actually need to get your bar height higher, particularly if you've chosen to upsize. Note that this ... more »

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100% with you. If my dirt bike doesn't need 35mm stuff, my mountain bike absolutely doesn't. That said, though it wasn't touched on too much here, I know Deity took their time because they had similar feelings and had to figure out how to keep flex & feel in check with the larger...more

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I cannot understand this industry push to 35mm bore handlebars. There is no actual benefit to it. And for some products, it makes arm pump even worse.

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The stiffest 29" single-crown fork I've ever tried is the Durolux 36 (RC2). It's definitely built for cavemen. Unfortunately, it doesn't come in shorter offsets.

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I've gotten a few emails and social media posts about "International Ride MTB Day". It even shows a list of venues, many of which aren't even near any mountains. I was wondering who really started this (I was thinking maybe IMBA) so I checked out their ... more »

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Martin Maes will win in Les Gets next year. And so will Vali Höll. You heard it here first.

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AG is definitely far from finished. I'm pretty sure him, John Hall and John Steber are going to get the M29 absolutely dialed by next season. People easily forget that Aaron had to hustle hard and hustle quickly in the off-season after YT unceremoniously ... more »

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Bike looks good. I think $1500 is a great deal for the parts that I'm seeing on the photo.

Added a comment about video Tahnee Seagrave vs. Loic Bruni - Outspoken Episode 4 7/5/2019 3:17 AM

It's really a different conversation when a top level rider interviews another top rider.

This one is more intimate (and funny), though, since Loic and Tahnee have known each other since they were kids.

Great stuff!

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On which forks, though?