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Rooted MTB Hits the Tennessee US National No. 1 2

For Rooted MTB, the third time's the charm.


The Tennessee National was a solid reminder of how fun downhill racing is. An awesome track and a well run event made a perfect season kickoff. Austin and Harrison had some results they were happy with but most importantly had an awesome time getting on the downhill bikes. We got lucky with the weather, and Austin got lucky in Whip Off. This was one of our favorite races yet. Enjoy our latest adventure!

Harrison having fun in the Whip Off.

The whoop section at the bottom of the track is always a cool feature.

Questionable decision making encompassed in one photo. Thanks to Isak Leivsson for the tow in and inspiration and Hiram Stelzig for the clip.

Massive thanks to Sean Leader and everyone involved for a great race! See you in Port Angeles (with Wiley back in action) assuming this COVID-19 nonsense doesn't ruin our travel plans..


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