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Fabien Cousinié’s 20 Minute Race Run From the Coro1200

Fab takes on the monstrous descent from the top of Coronet peak to the valley below in Queenstown, New Zealand.

The Coro1200 race lets you descend from the top of Coronet Peak in Queenstown NZ to the valley floor, non-stop in one race run.This year the race was taking the new Upper Rude Rock track, then the classic Rude Rock and for the race the brand new Upper Hot rod just got opened to the racer and then finally connecting to the finish using Lower Hot Rod. These trails put together make one of the best and probably one of the longest flow trails in the world. Cole Lucas took the win, 2nd Bradley Harris and the run above was from Fabien Cousinié taking 3rd overall and 1st master.


"Incredible job! All of these trails are amazing in their own right but putting them together in a race run is definitely a different ball game, It felt like a mix of Megavalanche and endurance pump track. A big thanks to the QMTC team for putting these awesome events together and a huge thanks to everyone who is behind the creation of all those new trails." - Fabien Cousinie 

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