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  • SCg Sound Shoe (product)

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    Price: $69.95

  • SCg Sound Shoe

    Featured Review Simple, but unbelievably durable. (product review)

    The Good:

    - The outsole has lasted over a year, which is really standout among all the other shoes I've ever worn.
    - They have a nice grip, even though they're not "sticky rubber". - The fit is really really comfy... like a chillin shoe, except it's for riding. The natural suede forms to my feet better than synthetics have.
    - Awesome company that's rider-owned. They pretty much hook everyone up if the shoes ship out late or something. But I've not actually heard of any delam issues at all.
    - the insole is crazy. It has the same squish after a year..
    - Price is way lower than it should be. Usually sell for 70 bucks but they act like a 120 shoe.

    The Bad:

    - Features are almost hidden. but they're there. Could have a stiffer heel cup.
    - I bought 2 pairs last year and on one pair the laces just don't stay tight. But-- the laces are shorter than the long floppy laces out there, which is better I think.
    - Could have a more aggressive tread pattern, for hiking, But it really hasn't been an issue for me in loose-over-hardpack trails.

    Overall Review: My SCG's are basically the most comfortable riding shoes I've ever found. And they've lasted way way longer than any shoe I've ridden in the past 10 years. It's pretty much a totally new shoe design, even though on the outside they look fairly 'flat'. The grip is unique in that it's different ...

    Posted by filmdrew on 11/30/2017 5:21 PM

  • SCg Mid Leather Shoe (product)

    Price: $89.95

  • SCg Mid Shoe (product)

    Price: $79.95

  • SCg Sound Leather Shoe (product)

    Price: $79.95