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Rock 'n Roll

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  • Short term review: Rock ‘n’ Roll Extreme chain lube

    The Good:

    Keep the chain quite clean, But i haven’t tested it in horrible mud bath.
    works decent in dry few splashes and light rain, but nothing more.

    The Bad:

    Short nozzle
    Expensive Compared to many other options. chain is dry too fast

    Overall Review: I wanted to try it, but I knew it might not be perfect, and I was right, it was not. I was used to using lubes, I could use for two days of 4hour riding, but this lube did not offer this with the harsh conditions I rode in. It cleans the chain very well, black stuff drops off, I can easil...

    Posted by mtbboy1993 on 5/7/2019 3:03 AM

  • Super Web Grease
    Rock 'n Roll Super Web Grease (product)

    Price: $7.00

  • Cablemagic Lube
    Rock 'n Roll Cablemagic Lube (product)

    Price: $4.49

  • Gold Lube
    Rock 'n Roll Gold Lube (product)

    4 member reviews

    Price: $16.45

  • Extreme Lube
    Rock 'n Roll Extreme Lube (product)

    3 member reviews

    Price: N/A

  • Rock 'n Roll Gold Lube Review

    The Good:

    Awesome in dry conditions, fairly long lasting, does not attract dust and dirt easily, and helps clean the chain as you apply.

    The Bad:

    Not as effective in wet or muddy conditions.

    Overall Review: There is a reason a lot of bike mechanics use this on their personal bikes or even use it for customer bikes, it works awesome! If you live in a place where the riding is dry and dusty most of the time (like here in Colorado where I live) it does a good job not attracting dust and sand and it ke...

    Posted by lagocza on 7/14/2016 1:58 PM

  • Spectacular

    The Good:

    It says Gold on the bottle

    The Bad:

    None if used properly

    Overall Review: "SPECTACULAR" that's what my star rating says anyway... And does it lie? No it does not! Why does the label say "Gold" on it? because this lube is the gold standard in dry conditions. While the blue stuff has tons of wax in it meant to protect the chain this stuff has just enough to keep the cha...

    Posted by kstrongin on 3/30/2016 11:01 AM

  • I Put This Sh*t on Everything

    The Good:

    High Quality Product

    The Bad:

    Absolutely None

    Overall Review: Woo Hoo!! My first five star review! Before we begin let's get one thing clear... this is the WET lube from Rock N Roll. Rock N Roll makes two different types of lube, wet (blue) and dry (gold), this review is for the wet lube. Can you use the wet lube in dry conditions? abso-freaking-lutely, wi...

    Posted by kstrongin on 3/30/2016 10:48 AM

  • Use it in the wet, not the dry

    The Good:

    Perfect for wet conditions

    The Bad:

    Bad for dry conditions

    Overall Review: As Rock n' Roll state, this lube is meant for wet conditions. I have used it in both wet and dry. In the wet this product is great, however in the dry, your chain will collect all the dust and dirt it can find. You'll find yourself having to re-clean your chain a lot more often. Can't go wrong w...

    Posted by FastNate on 2/12/2016 5:42 PM

  • AMAZING for every season but winter

    The Good:

    Easy to apply, cleans your chain and lubes it, last a while, cheap.

    The Bad:

    Not great for wet conditions.

    Overall Review: I absolutely LOVE this product for the dryer months/days. It helps keep dust and dirt off the chain when it is dry. It is super easy to apply to your chain and last a long time. I have found it for $10 at multiple bike shops around me. It does struggle in winter and wet rides, but that is when i...

    Posted by FastNate on 2/12/2016 5:40 PM

  • Rock 'n Roll Gold Lube

    The Good:

    Good all around, Keeps chain clean and quiet, Competitively priced,

    The Bad:

    Not as easy to apply if cold

    Overall Review: It is hard to say a lot about a chain lube, but when you find one that works good , you know it! I have been using this lube for several years and it is always my go-to. I have tried others in the past and I am never as happy with them due to reasons such as application or chain cleanliness. The...

    Posted by Carraig042 on 11/22/2015 6:24 PM