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Geax Datura Tire

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Geax Datura 2.2

The Good:

Traction for miles! These tires are predictable in almost all situations. In muddy condition they have all the traction that could be asked for and clean out once you get the speed is above a crawl. Loam trails are that most fun with traction that could be considered overkill, you'll be leaving dirt bike sized corner ruts with these, and breaking results in quick predictable stops. Sand traction is also really good.

The Bad:

All of this traction can result in a bit of rolling resistance on all mountain efforts, it becomes noticeable on long sustained flats and uphills. Large damp or wet rocks provide difficult riding at slower speeds I have the hardest compound tires. on hard pack high speed trails there is a sort of floating or drifting feel but I mean high speeds like in the 30+mph range, and even with this feel the drifting is predicable and iv never lost control.

Overall Review:

I really have a blast riding with these tires they feel like dirt bike tires and inspire a lot of confidence going into corners. They are some of the best tires I have used for new England style trails that are either loam, mud or sand andvery rarely hard packed. The only characteristic of these tires I don't like is the slow speed traction on rocks the massive treads just get unpredictable. This isn't enough to make me change tires because at high speed your normally jumping rocks and flying into corners where this tires shines and at slow speeds a kick out over rocks isn't catastrophic. I would highly recommend these tires for some one who like to shred trails and rides a lot of loam, you'll want to stop and see how big a rut you left behind on good corners !!! Id say three stars is fair maybe the softer compound versions solve the rock and hard pack issues but this isn't one tire for all trails just a really fun tire for most the trails around me


Product Geax Datura Tire
Riding Type Cross Country, Downhill
Wheel Size 26"
Tire Width
Tubeless Compatible TNT
Bead Wire, Fold, TNT
Durometer Sticky-Soft 50ShA,
Sidewall TNT
  • 2 lb 1.5 oz (950 g)
  • 1 lb 15.4 oz (890 g)
  • 2 lb 5 oz (1,050 g)
  • 1 lb 12.6 oz (810 g)
Miscellaneous DH versions feature a 2-ply casing
Price $45
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